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The Yobit cryptocurrency exchange began work in 2014, during an intensely growing attention to the world of cryptocurrencies. As of today, 5 million traders are using its services. The popularity of the resource is well deserved – Yobit is a whole portal of various tools for traders, along with investment offers and a platform for ICO for their projects and participation in others.

Registration on the Yobit exchange

We go to the exchange website https://yobit.net/ Before registering on the trading platform, you need to set a convenient interface language – Russian. To do this, select “RU” at the top right corner. Russification is not implemented at the highest level, but this does not interfere with comfortable work with the site. The registration form requires the introduction of a minimum amount of information about yourself: • select a login, which will later be visible to other users, for example, in a chat; • enter the email address to which you have access; • come up with a password consisting of letters in both registers and numbers. Then you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the exchange, solve the captcha and complete the process by clicking the ‘Register’ button. The procedure for verification of the identity is not provided, the input and output of funds are always available to users, without requiring the provision of copies of documents.

An email will be sent to the email address provided during registration with a link to activate the account. Also, the letter added links to YouTube with an overview of the exchange, a video tutorial on exchange trading, how to replenish and how to withdraw money through the QIWI payment system and instructions for trading. This information will be useful to novice users of the exchange.

Activating Two-Factor Authentication

Like any service related to various operations and storage of funds, Yobit recommends enabling 2fa authorization. This will help the user to protect funds from malicious actions by requiring a unique authorization code to enter the account. To start using this function, you need to enable it in the profile in the ‘Settings’ section. To generate codes, the exchange uses the Google Authenticator utility, which you need to download to your mobile device and scan the QR code.

In this section, you can configure e-mail newsletters, notifications for various actions on the exchange, and hide personal information from other users. At the bottom of the page there is a red button, after clicking which any activity in the account will be frozen if there is a suspicion of hacking.

Manage accounts and trade on the Yobit exchange

Before starting work on the site, you need to understand the interface. At first glance, it seems pretty busy. On the top panel of the site there is a menu for navigating sections, switching to a user profile and changing the language. In the right sidebar there is a chat, the game “Dice” and news from the Twitter account of the exchange. The left sidebar displays the user’s balance in different currencies and the Market section. In the center of the page is the exchange functionality – statistics on the selected currency pair, Japanese candles, forms for the formation of buy and sell orders and the exchange glass.

 How to replenish stock exchange balance

Any actions with accounts occur in the ‘Balances’ section. To replenish a fiat account, you need to click ‘+’ in the line of the desired currency:

Dollars – no commission is possible through electronic payment systems Payeer, AdvCash, PerfectMoney and Capitalist;

Rubles – QIWI transfer with a commission of 4%; Payeer, AdvCash and Capitalist without commission.

Sometimes funds are credited with a delay of up to 24 hours, but this point is stipulated in the agreement. Cryptocurrency account replenishment takes place in the usual way: the system generates an individual replenishment address and a QR code to which the user will transfer crypto coins from his wallet, from the exchanger account or from another exchange. After a transaction is sent to the network, it will be displayed in the “Pending enrollment” column with the status “In progress”. You can also track the number of confirmations there.

 How to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the Yobit exchange

Having replenished the account, you can take part in the auction. In the left sidebar in the “Market” section, you need to select a currency pair, for example, for rubles the user wants to buy bitcoins. For the purchase of any cryptocurrency, this process is the same. In the center of the page, the functionality will switch to information on the selected pair.

To buy bitcoins, you need to create a buy order: the amount in Bitcoin that you need to receive is entered in the ‘Quantity’ field. Further, the system automatically substitutes the most favorable price and calculates the total purchase amount – the cost of the bitcoins themselves + 0.2% commission fees. The commission is fixed for operations with all currencies.

After clicking the “Buy” button, the application has 3 options:

  1. It will be executed instantly if there is a reverse offer on the exchange – one user is selling a sufficient amount, and the other is buying at the same price.
  2.  It will be partially executed – bitcoins are on sale at the right price, but in insufficient quantities.
  3. The application will be placed in the stock exchange glass – at the moment there is no sell order on the exchange with the desired price.

The functionality for selling bitcoins works in exactly the same way, including the size of the commission – 0.2% of the transaction amount. Unfulfilled applications can be monitored in the ‘Orders’ section, and information about completed orders is stored in the ‘History’.

How to withdraw funds

The withdrawal menu is located in the ‘Balances’ section. In front of the withdrawal currency, you need to click the “-” button. Cryptocurrency transfer is a normal transaction – you need to specify the number of coins and the recipient’s wallet. Each user will find a convenient way to withdraw fiat funds from the Exchange exchange. How to withdraw money from a stock account is more profitable.

To confirm the withdrawal of funds, an email will be sent to the mail specified during registration with a link to confirm the action. After clicking on it, funds are immediately credited to the specified account.

YOVI – cryptocurrency exchange Yobit

Cryptocurrency Yovi Coin is one of the profitable tools of the site. Trading on it takes place on the principle of ROM (Rise-only-market), which implies:

• the size of the ‘wall’ is limited to 0.01 BTC $;

• the amount in the order cannot exceed 0.01 BTC;

• step increase 0.000001 BTC (100 Satoshi);

• at the same time, you can place only 2 orders in ROM.

The technique of only a growing market excludes the possibility of selling Yovi coins at a price lower than it was bought. Coin mining is not provided, it can only be bought on the Yobit exchange.

Yobit Exchange Referral Program

Programs to accrue incentives for attracting new users are widespread in the field of exchange trading. Yobit site promises referrers deductions in the amount of 20% of the amount of the commission. Your ref. The link can be viewed in the user profile in the ‘Affiliate’ tab, it also indicates how to make money received for the activity of referrals. The creation of ‘fake’ accounts and other frauds are prohibited and threaten to block the main account.

How to buy promising coins on Yobit

It is very difficult to choose a truly worthy new cryptocurrency on the Yobit exchange. Among the many coins available, profitable “bombs” are probably hiding, and there are dummies. Therefore, novice traders should pay attention to the more popular cryptocurrencies, time-tested. And lovers of risky investments can only rely on their own intuition and user reviews. According to analysts, the XEM coin has good prospects from the developers of New Economy Movement (NEM). This is the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin in Japan. Another interesting option is EOS. Although the opinions on the network about him are ambiguous, in 2107 he impressed the crypto community with grandiose plans to improve the entire system, so the developer managed to raise $ 1 billion at the ICO. But time goes on, plans are not yet being implemented, and the price of EOS is growing steadily. And at the very first steps towards the realization of the idea, the course will generally fly “to the moon”.

Yobit Exchange is a resource that will help a novice trader to understand the principles of exchange trading, get acquainted with a large number of cryptocurrencies and train to predict the market. Yobit can offer experienced traders convenient exchange functionality and additional profitable instruments. Complaints about intermittent failures in crediting or withdrawing funds do not deter users – these problems are associated with interaction with the QIWI system.

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