WWI.Capital – SCAM! Compensation to partners.


The project stopped payments


Actual amount of the fund

300 $

Application Deadline

12/23 | 18:00

Extremely important!

If you are a referral site RichMonkey.biz and received a refback from us (deposit bonus), then you have the right to receive compensation for this project.

Before filling out applications for compensation, please read the article carefully. What is HYIP insurance and how to calculate net loss?

Applications for compensation are accepted through the form “Order insurance"

Dear partners!

Our blog does everything possible to support you and significantly reduce losses when investing in hype.

Please respect our convincing request to unsubscribe on our website, in the topic on the forum and the VKontakte group about receiving insurance payments. It only takes a couple of minutes, but with this simple action you will support monitoring and our work.

If you are grateful for compensation, please unsubscribe about receiving on the site, and also, if possible, in our topic on the forum MMGP and on the page VK.

With constantunsubscribes»Reserve the right to refuse to pay subsequent insurance.

rules receipt of subsequent insurance payments. Familiarize!

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