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World Mining: Cloud Mining Service Review

Cloud mining involves leasing the capacities of specialized equipment from companies for the extraction of cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of platforms for cloud mining: from small and unknown to popular giants. The demand of cryptocurrency investors for cloud services is constantly growing and is due to the ability to start investing in cryptocurrencies with minimal risks and investments, without buying expensive equipment.

World Mining is a relatively new service for mining. Let’s get acquainted with it in detail and conduct a thorough analysis and the feasibility of investments.

Key Features of World Mining

World Mining is a cryptocurrency company that independently engages in the production of electronic currencies, and also provides its facilities for rent.

The company has been officially operating since February 16, 2017 in the UK. Currently, five servers with an average equipment capacity of 139 PH / s are available for rent. The service works on four algorithms: SHA256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto, Scrypt, providing the ability to mine bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies. The minimum rental period is 9 months, the maximum is one year.

Profitability payments are made in dollar terms and accrued daily, according to the internal distribution algorithm, where the tenant receives payments in accordance with the purchased capacity, taking into account the deduction of electricity and maintenance costs. Payments are made in manual mode.

Despite the recent launch, World Mining is actively developing, and the main purpose of its promotion is to optimize energy costs for computing processes and cooling systems, which have already decreased by 23% since the start, while user incomes have increased by 15%.

The services offer their depositors support in 18 languages, a low rental rate, good interest rates and a profitable affiliate program.

How to get started with World Mining

In order to start cooperation, you should go through a simple registration on the World Mining website, indicating a valid email address, password and pass a captcha check.

There is an alternative way to register using social networks. This option will save time on data entry.

Further, in your personal account, you will have the opportunity to independently draw up a cooperation contract by selecting the desired algorithm, period and power. To invest, go to the ‘Buy Hash’ section in the left column.

We select a tariff plan and pay for it.

Tariffs and prices

The cost of the contract depends on two components: the amount of power and the period of conclusion. The fixed rate for 1 Gh / s is 0.15 USD. The minimum contract value is $ 15 per 100 Gh / s.

The service also offers a system of promotions and promotional codes, so you should carefully follow the news and updates.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Payment of the contract can be done in various ways. There are more than 10 options, including electronic payment systems and popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

But the withdrawal of funds is carried out only in five systems:

  • Payeer
  • AdvCash;
  • Bitcoin
  • Payza
  • PerfectMoney.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is $ 5.

To order a payment, you need to go to the section “Withdrawal of charges”.

Please note that the account is credited to your account on a daily basis, and withdrawals can be made twice a week, on Monday and Thursday.

Profitability and Payback

The service also offers five tariff plans with different validity periods and payback.

  • Server S1: rental period 360 days, investments from $ 15, projected profit for the entire rental period 324 – 396%.
  • Server S2: rental period 360 days, investments from $ 150, payback 346 – 418%.
  • Server S3: 280 days, investments from $ 900, profit percentage 288 – 344%.
  • Server S4: rental period 290 days, minimum investment $ 4,500, profit for the period 328 – 386%
  • Server S5: 300 days, investments from $ 30,000, profit for the whole period 390 – 450%.

The minimum forecasted profit per day is 0.9-1.1%, the maximum – 1.3-1.5%.

Profits for the entire lease of capacity vary from 396% to 450%, depending on which tariff plan is selected.

The nine-level referral system can be attributed to a special category of income. From the tenant attracted to the system, the user can count on 5% of his purchase. Referrals of the second level bring 3%, third – 2%, referrals of the fourth and fifth level 1%, and from 6 to 9 will bring 0.5% of deposits.

For users, this is a chance to increase income and start-up capital without investment solely by attracting new users.


After analyzing all of the above, we can conclude that World Mining, although a young, but promising service, aimed primarily at increasing equipment capacity, energy efficiency and expanding the audience. It provides its users with the opportunity, through minimal investment, to develop their own structure within the system, and to gradually increase capacity or invest at favorable interest rates. Those who do not like to risk large sums can invest only $ 5.

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