Why low-profit hype stopped working


Low-profit hype stopped working

I remember a time when low-income hyipas worked for themselves and worked, slowly but surely collecting huge cash desks. Such projects could work for years, bringing investors a small but stable profit! Now the situation has changed radically. It can already be safely asserted that the low-income market is now at the decline of its existence, investors have finally begun to lose interest in such projects.

What happened? Why did low-profit hype stop working? There is a reasonable explanation for everything!

Leaders Dictate New Rules

Everyone remembers the legendary Lara (Larawith.me, 3% per day indefinitely)! At that time, an unlimited plan with such interest seemed very bold and risky, both for the administrator and for investors, because almost no project at that time offered a daily return of more than 2.5%, taking into account the deposit. Even if they were, they did not affect the industry in any way and left no trace in history.

But Lara is another matter! It was with her that the race began to increase the profitability of projects. Since then, the profitability of projects has been growing rapidly. Now you will not surprise anyone and 5% per day, and projects with a profitability of less than 3% per day are no longer considered interesting and (ATTENTION!) Low-income, although they are not! What can we say about really low-profit hyps that offer about 1% per day, taking into account the deposit, where break-even occurs at least two months later. As practice shows, a modern investor is not ready to wait so much.

The hype market is becoming more dynamic. Investor interests change at the speed of thought. If the trend set by Lara in the near future does not turn in the opposite direction, then traditional low-income people will soon completely disappear.

 Investors want more

To summarize the above, one conclusion is clear: in this situation, the investors themselves are responsible for lowering interest in low-profit hyps! The reason for all this was the banal desire of investors to earn more! Voting the dollar in favor of high interest rates, investors, without noticing it, took the industry to a new level.

Without the support of investors, Lara could not have achieved high results and become an example for her followers and imitators. As a result, everything would have remained as before: low interest rates, long breakeven, minimal profit and traditional low-yield highs, which, against all this, would have looked quite optimal. But what to be, not to be avoided: interest is growing, low-income people are disappearing.

Cryptocurrency vs low-yield highs

Another, no less important, reason for the decline in interest in low-income companies is a significant growth in the cryptocurrency market. Recall that everyone has long known the Bitcoin cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year rose 3 times (200%). And its closest competitor, the growing Ethereum cryptocurrency, for the same period, at least has already risen in price by 35 times: by 3400%, you can get fucked 🙂 Naturally, such profits are much more attractive than those that offer low-profit highs. Investing is much safer, as the cryptocurrency market over a long distance shows stable growth and the probability of losing at least half of the value tends to zero, while a low-profit hype can close at any second without ever paying.

Thus, it becomes obvious that investing in the cryptocurrency sector is much more profitable than in low-profit highs and as a result, we see what we see – low-income people are slowly dying out. Only a sudden crisis in the cryptocurrency market can delay their extinction, but it does not smell of crisis at all.


Low-income people leave, and maybe even forever, but I’m not going to mourn them personally! The industry is changing, which means it is developing, and thank God! And really, what’s the point of waiting for breakeven for several months.

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