Why large stocks in Hype – soon scam


Large stocks – which ones

In this article I will talk about some of the most frequent “calls” in HYIP – large promotions with prizes. Why they portend the closure of the project (scam), and not its successful development, as some investors think. Why are they created, how are they useful to us, and I will also draw an analogy.

It is important not to confuse ordinary stocks with large ones. If several phones are played out in the project or if the amount of money is not too big, this is normal. But when prizes are counted by dozens of expensive gadgets, and if cars are also present among gifts, the project shouts: “don’t invest and take your deposit!”
An exception. Large shares are not considered a call if they are present from the start of the project, as What is from the start does not cause panic.

 Why are large stocks created and why they became a bell

Some investors, mostly beginners, think that if hype launches a large-scale campaign with cool prizes, then he can afford it and he is doing well. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite.

– Admins who are not going to work further, the shares are launched in order to get more money before closing the project. This situation is called “demobilization vacuum cleaner” 🙂

– Admins who plan to keep the project further, the shares are launched to maintain the box office in difficult times for hype when the deposit threshold falls below the payout threshold. But:

  • If a little money went into the campaign, the admin thinks: “They didn’t bring me money even through the campaign, what would happen without the campaign ?! It’s time to molt! ”
  • If a lot of money has gone into the campaign, he thinks: “Nifiga, how much money they brought to me, they will not bring it anymore.

No matter how the stock goes, the answer is one: “It’s time to molt” 🙂 Therefore, stocks became a bell. When the project launches the action, everyone says: “Goofy, everything is clear, have passed” 🙂

As you can see, regardless of the initial intentions of the admin, stocks only accelerate the onset of scam.

Can you get prizes before scam

Occasionally, the first lucky ones to complete the promotion before the rest, really come “iPhones.’ But this is done solely to foster interest in the action among the other referralists, so that they more actively invite people in the hope of getting their iPhone, MacBook or something cooler. But as a rule, on iPhones for the very first, everything stops.

There may be another situation: the promotion is over, the winners are determined, and the prizes are “sent”. But since the project “is not a hype, but a legal company in the Seychelles, prizes from there can go more than one week.” What will happen during this period, I think you already guessed 🙂

Answering a question from the subtitle, I’ll say that it’s almost never comes to presenting prizes. If only because the admin did not initially plan to hand them.

Thanks admin for the call

Unconsciously or not, the admin does good service to experienced investors in large shares – he hints not to invest and withdraw his deposits. And they already warn friends and referrals. Investors have from a few days to several weeks to withdraw their deposits before the onset of scam. Thus, the HYIP cash desk, instead of being replenished, is, on the contrary, emptying faster, which leads to a quick scam.

And here’s the paradox: the admin wanted to extend the life of the project, but only reduced it 🙂 The project would have worked longer without shares, when investors would invest and withdraw as usual, not suspecting the situation in the project. What, frightened by a large stock, would raise their deposits and stop making new investments.

 I will give an analogy

Imagine that you flew to rest in a hot country: a comfortable hotel, located a stone’s throw from the coast, excellent weather – everything is super. For a long time, everything remained the same, but one fine day a siren rang loudly, foreshadowing the tsunami. You are lucky that an approaching tsunami has been spotted far enough – you have a day to leave your room with all your belongings and go away from this place until huge waves reach the coast.

But not all tourists decided to evacuate, someone thought that nothing bad would happen and in general “they paid for the room”. And someone just did not hear the siren. When the tsunami hit the shore, you were safe and sound far from the center of the event. And as for those tourists who stayed at the hotel – at the last moment they also managed to evacuate, but they did not manage to take anything with them, and all their things were swallowed up by the water element.

So, in this case, the hotel is a hype project, a hotel room with things is your personal account with money, tourists are investors, a siren is a large share, and a tsunami is a project scam. Those who decided not to pay attention to the stock, and even worse – invested under it, lost their investment. After the announcement of a major action, you took your deposit and remained in profit.

Of course, no action guarantees 100% speedy onset of scam. But if the risk of losing a deposit is almost inevitable, is it worth the risk?

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