Who is a referral in hype: its benefits and types


Who is the referral

In today’s big article, we will talk about people, thanks to whom we will learn about new projects – referrals. What are they? Why do some choose openness while others choose anonymity? Why don’t some of them do a refback? Who are suckers and bots? I will try to answer these questions in this article.

First of all – who is a referral in hype? This is a participant in investment projects, which attracts many partners through his referral link. For such people, earnings from affiliate programs occupy an impressive part of their total income. For large leaders, this earnings can exceed ten times the profit on their deposits. But this term is not limited to just one hype – wherever there is an affiliate program, there are also referrals: from payment systems and boxes to shops and banks.

Referees like to say: “No refka – no project” 🙂 And I completely agree with this statement. It makes no sense to advertise a project / store / service, write reviews, spend a lot of time without getting anything in return. Project admins have long figured out how to get a lot of new investors, while spending little money on introducing an affiliate program.

“The refovod – freeloader, threw off the reflink and the money fell down”
So many people think and now I will dispel this myth.

1. A normal referral should know investment projects like the back of his hand: how to choose a hype, types of hype, slang. To know and notice the ‘bells’ signaling the imminent closure of the project. Be able to ignore the legends. And much more, in other words, they first become a professional in high-tech, and only then – a major referral.

2. Considering that various additional resources are involved in the field of hype, he must know a lot and understand a lot. He will tell you on which payment system there is less commission and how to verify your account, how to withdraw money to a bank card and advise which currency exchangers are better to use. He will tell you how to determine the technical characteristics of hype and explain why one project is worth attention and another is not. Project marketing, analytics, refback, insurance, cryptocurrency, social networks, beginner mistakes, where to place the referral link, strategies – this is just a small part of what it should understand.

3. Refining is a job in which you need to have patience and be prepared to spend a lot of time. For hours, explain to many people how to get money into the payment system, and from it to the project, where to click, how to derive interest, how to choose a project. Which hype is suitable for larger amounts, and which ones should be invested less, what is a legend, what is scam, why you should not throw all the money into one HYIP and much more. On a blog, by mail, in skype, telegram, vkontakte.

And also follow the work of their projects and observe new ones, communicate, post payments and news, do newsletters, pay refback, write useful articles and reviews of hype. And do not go crazy with the favorite question of beginners “how long will this project work?”

People attracting many referrals are divided into 3 types

These are experienced participants in investment projects, who usually have a group of investors who are constantly following them. The number of such investors, depending on the project, is changing both to a smaller and a larger side, but overall the upward trend remains. If the referrer decreases the number of referrals over time, then he does something wrong and this is an occasion to reconsider his method of work.

Referees warn about risks, give advice, are always ready to help partners, answer their questions about projects, payment systems and, in general, on the topic of hype. They try to choose projects of only high quality. That is, they are strongly interested in making their partners work. Thus, they keep their reputation at a high level, this has a positive effect on the number of their referrals, and therefore on affiliate earnings.

But how do they relate to other referrals, do they consult them? Here everyone has their own opinion: someone is categorically against such consultations, while someone helps everyone. I stick to the last option. I think that the referral will not be worse if he spends 5-10 minutes answering questions. And if a person writes to someone else’s sponsor, then his own does not help him and there is a great chance that in another project he will choose the one who helped him in sponsors.

No referral can and will not guarantee 100% that a particular project will give a plus. An adequate partner understands this and does not make a tragedy due to the fact that in some kind of hype under the referral he remained in the red. He knows that the sponsor also sometimes loses, but at a distance is always in profit. So, repeating after your sponsor, the referral will also benefit.

The situation is different with suckers. Yes, that’s exactly what they call people who do not care about partners, their goal is to receive referral rewards at all costs. Suckers consider partners to be naive sheep, with which you can cut off more money. They don’t care if the project has problems and delays payments, the main thing is to persuade the person to make a contribution, but more – and then there will be no grass to grow. When the invitee makes a contribution, the interest of giving advice to this person disappears from the sucker. Until the moment he wants to create a new deposit.

These grief-tinkers love to live in various chats and social networks, “process” newcomers in PM, offer projects, promising profits and guaranteeing no risks. They do not represent legends in hype as fairy tales, but as a justification of where the beginner’s money will work and where the profit comes from. Especially arrogant can promise refback and insurance, which the partner will never receive.

Suckers usually do not invest their money, and if they make a deposit, then the minimum. But when they show screenshots of their personal accounts, thousands of dollars of deposits are certainly present on them to warm up the interest of newcomers and so that, following the example of the sponsor, they go to invest large amounts. This is called fake screenshots.

The concept of “reputation” is alien to shabbies. As one of them said: “Reputation is something abstract, and the money in the wallet is real.” He is only unaware that the growth of “abstract” reputation has a positive effect on the growth of “quite real money” 🙂

For the above reasons, suckers do not have a permanent audience and all that remains for them is to lure newcomers, using the following phrases:

  •  “This is a legal company, here you will definitely not lose, there are guarantees!”;
  • “You are in the right place, do not be afraid to invest, here you will make good money”;
  • “The company has come for decades, and your account will be transferred to grandchildren”;
  • “There will be no scam, are you a serious company, not some kind of hype!”;
  • “Invest all that is, in which case you will return the money through the chargeback”;
  • “Investment rules, risks? Pff, this is in HYIPs! And here is the official international company, there are no risks. Come on in and don’t get smart ”:))
  • When a project starts having problems: “Let’s support the project with reinvest and then the payments will go”;
  • When the project starts having problems: “We need to work, invite friends and relatives, give the project a second wind”;
  • And the like in the same style.

You might think, “how can you get into such a story, does anyone else believe that ?!”. But you can’t imagine how many newcomers believe in and follow these barkers.

To the suckers, I also include people who lie to their partners, i.e. Hold them for suckers. For example, when a listing is issued for your personal contribution or when you yourself have invested a minimum, but they say that you have invested a thousand dollars. Etc.

Botovodami called people who have no contact with their referrals. These people buy ads in search engines, on various services, platforms and place their referrals there in the form of banners, teasers, videos or catchy texts. After that, they wait for referrals. If everything is done correctly, then due to the high attendance of the resources where the advertisement is placed, interested people begin to click on the links, some of them are registered in the hype and some of the registered ones already contribute.

Botovod invests money in advertising, but spends a minimum of his time. At the same time, he does not communicate with referrals and does not help them. And their referrals most often do not know that they are registered under someone, so they are not very upset 🙂

Spammers also belong to bot drivers. Spam is the distribution of advertising to people who have not expressed a desire to receive it. Spammers, using special software, send hundreds and thousands of advertising messages by e-mail to databases, personalities on Skype, to groups on social networks, hoping that a certain percentage of people will be interested and make a contribution. Of course, it’s pointless for spammers referrals to write to the mail or to the person with whom the spam came – they won’t wait for an answer, because The message will go nowhere.
I myself once “sinned” with spam 🙂 In 2014, he worked very well in social networks, then there was almost no sense in him.

The benefits of each type

“Whoa, what benefit can suckers give?” Some readers will ask. I’ll explain now. After all, do you remember by what principle investment projects work? Previous due to follow. Now try to look at the suckers from a different angle, from the side of an experienced hyper.

If the referrer brings great benefits to referrals, warning about the risks and training them to earn in high-tech. That sucker is of great benefit to the project, attracting new zombie beginners who believe in legend and reinvest all charges. Thanks to such zombies, the project works longer, allowing more money for referrals and their referrals. Everything is interconnected 🙂
Botvodov also mainly attract newcomers, as Any more or less experienced participant is unlikely to go to register without receiving anything in return: consultations, refback – at least something.

If all the participants will be hardcore hypers, the projects will work 2-3 times worse – this is a harsh reality. Therefore, all types are useful.

Referees can be open and anonymous

Open people like to record videos, call up, meet, and especially organize presentations – in other words, show themselves in every way. It’s easier to attract partners because openness, knowledge of the face make people more trusted, but openness has a second side to the coin. They always have some kind of problems: partners who don’t read about the risks write statements to them to the police, then inadequate menaces threaten, in general, after the scam, all the bumps usually pour on them 🙂 Of course, this happens only with large open referrals, And not at all, but enough examples.

Anonymous prefer not to shine, they do not show themselves and usually communicate by correspondence. We do not know their faces and surnames, but this does not affect their earnings with them. Who wants to sleep peacefully, chooses anonymity, who likes all this “movement” – shines his face. Some people think that the right referral is only open. No, the correct referral one whose referrals are a plus, everything else does not matter.

Basic referral tools

1. The blog. As one referral said: “A blog is the home of a referral. Without him, he is like a bum on the Internet: he walks, says something, but nobody listens to him. ” No offense to those referralists who still do not have their own site.
Your site is the most powerful referral tool. Other tools are extensions to this house. The blog contains descriptions or reviews of projects, useful articles and materials. The more the blog is full, the more it is useless.

2. Pages and groups in social networks. They are used for brief descriptions of projects, posting news and payments, project links and blog links.

3. YouTube channel. Another way to promote the reflink is by uploading project videos to your channel or recording video reviews.

4. Chats and forums. Chats are used for PR itself, forums are only for signatures.

 What referrers can offer referrals

We will not consider consultations – this is a “option” of any referral for granted. We focus on proposals that can go in addition to consultations.

  • Refbek
    The most popular offer. You can read more about it in the article “What is a refback”, and now I want to speculate what is more profitable for a refbek: offer a refback or not.

Personally, when I pay a refback, I earn more than if I did not provide it. Some referralists do not offer a refback at all, thinking that they will lose a part of the refka, but in fact they lose even a greater part of it. Now I will tell you why. They see refback as a waste of money, and not as earnings. Yes, I lose half the refka by paying 50% of the refback. But if I had not offered a refback, I would have lost even more refk, because many people without a refback did not register for me at all, but would go to other sponsors. So what is better: to get half of the refka from such people or not to get it at all? 🙂

I will give an example, it is of course exaggerated, but I judge from my own experience. Let’s say, under referral Vasya without a refback, 10 referrals for the sum of $ 1000 came in, and under Petya with 50% refback 30 referrals for the amount of $ 3000 came in. The project pays 10% of the referral’s contribution. Vasya earned $ 100 and kept everything for himself, Petya earned $ 300, gave half and left $ 150 to himself. As a result, Petya and referrals pleased with money, and he earned more. Give, and you will return more.

  •  Insurance
    I wrote in detail my opinion on perpetual insurance in the material “HYIP Deposit Insurance”. Here I want to talk about the so-called closed insurance, which is not offered to all referrals.

    “Backstage” open insurance there are much more popular insurance – not for everyone. That is, not advertised insurance. In most cases, one referrer offers such insurance to another so that he registers for it. As a result, the first receives a refka from the depth of the structure, and the second does not risk anything – and everyone is happy. The second, as a rule, is silent that his contribution is under insurance. He understands that if he talks about this, then few of the partners will want to risk their own funds. But who writes honestly – that respect 🙂

    The advantage of such insurance is that the money does not come from the project box office, but from the pocket of a higher sponsor. The downside is hypocrisy: on the one hand, a person writes “I have invested my money” (which is really so), on the other hand, he deliberately does not say under what conditions this contribution was made.


Pay attention to the person you are signing up for – your income level in HYIPs and getting extra money from a refback depend on it. Good referrers who really help – a dozen or two. And there are thousands of referral links that will be thrown off to you.
Choose the sponsor who always makes contact, and not when you are going to make a contribution. And remember – we are all referrals of someone.



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