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Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoins are primarily money. This means that they can be used to pay for any services, to exchange for another currency (digital or fiat), as well as to make purchases.

Of course, all of the above actions can only be performed within the Internet. And in order to be able to use them in real life, you must first make an exchange for fiat money.It is for this reason that resources are rarely found on the Internet that provide the opportunity to engage in cryptocurrency mining or exchanging it for other monetary units.

Often people are afraid to invest their money in bitcoins, as they well understand that the exchange rate of this currency can drop significantly at any time. It is quite difficult to make any forecast here.
For cryptocurrency storage, special cryptocurrency wallets are intended.

In the case of bitcoins, they are called bitcoin wallets. It is much easier for a person who has already dealt with any electronic money to learn how to use crypto wallets. This is not surprising. After all, cryptocurrency and funds stored on bank cards and web wallets have one common property: both of them are essentially invisible, they are only digital codes. However, they can not be identified in any case.

There are many differences between them. And the most important of them is that bitcoins are decentralized, that is, they are not controlled by anyone. Consequently, when making any financial transactions with them, no fees are charged from users. But electronic money, despite the fact that it does not constitute any object that can be held in hands, still refers to fiat currencies, since they are controlled by banking institutions. After all, any amount of money stored on a bank card or web wallet is the same dollars, euros, rubles and other currencies of various states.

A wallet that is designed to store cryptocurrency does not apply to a bank account, since, unlike the latter, it is created and controlled exclusively by the user who decided to open it. That is, the one who created a crypto wallet for himself, controls it.

Another advantageous difference between a bitcoin wallet and a regular bank account is the absence of the need to pay a commission when making a transaction. And this positive property is very important. After all, banks, as you know, require their customers to pay considerable commissions, which often reach 10%. And the third significant difference of the crypto wallet is that in order to own money, as well as to transfer it to other people, it is not at all necessary to indicate your personal data.

Three main ways to create cryptocurrency accounts

The first way is to use the WebMoney service. On this site you can create not only a dollar or ruble account, but also an account in bitcoins. The first thing to do is register. And then you will need to add a WMX wallet.
The second way is using the Bitcoin.org site. Here, in order to acquire a Bitcoin wallet, you can either simply register, or download a special program, and then install it on your computer.
And the third way is to register on the BlockChain website. This resource is quite popular.

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