What is SCAM and when does it come


In simple words about SKAM

The concept of SKAM is mainly found among hypers (highly profitable investment programs). When hype stops paying customers, it’s said that he’s “chased”.

The reasons for the scams may be as follows:

  • Hacking project admin accounts by hackers
    ATTENTION! After a case of hacking, the site administration posts an announcement on the termination of payments due to hacking and theft of all money. It is difficult and almost impossible to prove the corpus delicti.
  • Error of the project employee or trader
    The project administration chooses a scapegoat – one of the traders / employees. Allegedly through his fault, investor money was lost. The name of the culprit is never called.
  • Problems from banks, partners, payment systems
    When payments to investors cease, the project administration announces that payments are no longer possible due to wallets being blocked or bank guarantees not being fulfilled.

Since the definition of scam is fraud, it is easy to understand the following: there are actually no force majeure such as hacking accounts, blocking wallets and errors of traders. This is pure excuse unscrupulous hype. Sometimes project admins do not bother with any explanations at all, but simply turn off the site.

How to recognize a quick scam

You must be able to recognize the likelihood of scam. For example, the absence of confirmation of real trading in the project you are interested in can serve as a striking sign.

Other signs of imminent scam

SKAM usually does not occur on its own, it is preceded by some signs:

  • Those. Problems with the project site, crashes and dos attacks. The site administration understands that scam will happen soon, therefore it stops optimizing the site and its development.
  • Deterioration in the quality of feedback and technical support. As described above, admins are no longer interested in developing a project and attracting investors.
  • Problems with the withdrawal of money. Typically, an interbank transfer takes 6 banking days. It is too early to raise a panic before this time expires. Although inexperienced investors in a couple of days begin to worry and bomb the administration with claims for payments.
  • Unreasonable increase in project profitability. Anticipating scam, the administration begins large-scale actions to attract investor funds. They are offered unprecedented profits and attractive new investment conditions.
  • The appearance of negative reviews about the project on thematic forums. People write about delays in withdrawing money, about the poor work of the administration, support services. Whether the scam will depend on the admins – are they determined to continue to work and correct deficiencies, or will they wave their hands and cover the project.
  • Reducing the number of unique visitors to the site. When traffic drops, it directly indicates that little attention has been paid to the site. To see traffic, look at the counter at the bottom of the page. It happens that the counter is hidden, but it’s not difficult to find out the statistics of attendance. Make a request like ‘find out the traffic to the site’, and the system will offer you many options.

The above signs of approaching skam are the most common. But there are projects that seem quite successful and visited, which suddenly took and became disgraced. At the same time, other sites where these signs are present exist stably.

The conclusions can be drawn as follows:

  1. Trust intuition;
  2. Stick to portfolio diversification;
  3. Follow the news of selected projects;
  4. Read investor forums;
  5. Follow the 10 golden rules of the investor.


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