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Many newcomers investors, registering in hype projects via referral links, do not even suspect that sometimes they are entitled to receive additional profit. How does this happen? Who pays this profit? And, most importantly, how much is the money? We will try to reveal these questions in this material.

Suppose you came to a project using someone’s referral link. We will not tell you a secret if we say that the person whose link you followed will receive a certain profit for this action (for example, a certain percentage of your contribution). That is, under such circumstances, you and your sponsor are positive (the person whose referral link you followed).

Refback is the return of a part of the referral commission. If you imagine this in the form of a chain, then your referrer is the first link, and you, respectively, are the second link. And when registering via the referral link of the first link, as we mentioned, it receives a percentage of your deposit. Having received this percentage, the sponsor (referrer) gives you part of its profit. That is, simply registering by someone’s link, you can count on a kind of cashback.

How much refback pay

Each referrer offers individual conditions for refback. Let’s take a look at a simple example. Suppose you clicked on a referral link in a hype and made a deposit of 10,000 rubles. According to the conditions of the referral program, the person who brought you to the project receives 10% of your deposit (in each project, the conditions of the referral program vary from 5 to 20%). That is, the referrer receives 1,000 rubles for your deposit.

Why do I need a refback

Refback – this is an amazing case when both sides are winning. Let’s look at the benefits in more detail. Your advantages from refback are obvious: almost immediately after investing, you will receive a part of the deposit back. In addition, if in the future you withdraw both the body of the deposit and the interest income, then the refback will be an excellent additional income. Is money really redundant? In addition, you can go further – yourself start earning on the referral program. In this case, your income will increase significantly, and the chain of referrals will expand.

Referback is beneficial to the referrer himself. Firstly, favorable conditions for refback will allow the referrer to attract a large number of referrals, and, consequently, to increase his income. Secondly, such a number of referrals repels investments on deposits of the referrer himself.

Many novice investors think quite stereotypically. Like, if they offer such conditions, then something is definitely wrong in the hype, so I won’t register there. However, this is a common practice of many referrers. In this case, the referrer can also be selected. There are quite large partners (referrers) who offer a wide selection of hyps. Just by clicking on their link you can not count on help, operational support or answers to your questions. Other partners who provide refbacks give additional profit to investors and answer any questions.

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