What is Darknet and how to get into it


What is Darknet

The World Wide Web has long spread all over the world, but few people know that this is not the only Internet network. Under the surface of an ordinary network, a special world is hidden, hidden from the eyes of ordinary inhabitants – Darknet.

Darknet  – a hidden network of Internet connections that exists parallel to the regular Internet. Darknet is completely anonymous, connections are established exclusively between trusted peers using non-standard protocols, and all information is encrypted.

In other words, darknet is an illegal Internet that exists on the basis of the main one, but uses exclusively secure proxies and Internet connections that make it impossible to track users and sites.

The darknet algorithm is similar to the usual one. It also has its own search engines, news sites, online stores and social networks. But basically all sites are engaged in illegal trafficking of goods or post prohibited information.

Connection to the darknet can be used to provide:

  • Privacy;
  • Protection from totalitarian systems of government;
  • Distribution of copyrighted files;
  • Technological and financial crimes.

Dark Internet: History and Reasons

The first prototype of darknet appeared simultaneously with the public network ARPANet, which subsequently evolved to the modern Internet. The main reason for its creation was the need to create a network accessible only to selected users and hidden from outsiders.

The network was originally developed by the US military. This is due to the need for concealment for security purposes of the location and information of military structures.

The term itself was first used in 1970, as a designation of isolated Internet networks that could receive data from their network, but did not respond to requests from outside. And it became more widespread in 2002, thanks to the publication of the work of Microsoft programmers, describing the principles of the darknet. According to them, darknet is the main obstacle to creating productive DRM technologies.

A huge contribution to the development of the shadow Internet was made by the US Naval Research Lab, which developed special proxy server software that allows you to perform anonymous actions on the Internet – The Onion Router, better known as TOR.

Before the advent of TOR in the 2000s, almost no one knew about the shadow Internet. After the information on darknet and TORе spread, the number of users of the shadow Internet has sharply increased. By 2013, the number of darknet users exceeded 4 million people, and a subculture of banned content seekers has developed – netstalking.

The second most important event for the development of the network was the creation of a cryptocurrency for intra-network transactions, which also supports the anonymity of users.

At the moment, the shadow network is actively developing. This is primarily due to the desire of the public to remain not subject to state regulation.

What is the difference between Surface Web, Deepweb and Darknet

The entire Internet is divided into three segments:

  • Visible network (Surface Web);
  • Depth Network (Deep Web);
  • Shadow network (Darknet).

Who uses shadow internet

The bulk of the shadow Internet users are military personnel, government and law enforcement organizations. They use Darknet to keep their location and information confidential.

Darknet is also popular with journalists, bloggers, activists and public figures who are afraid of political persecution, but who want to post sensational political information. The shadow Internet is especially popular in countries with a totalitarian regime and strict censorship.

There are frequent cases when hidden tunnels are used by people conducting illegal business engaged in drug trafficking, arms sales, etc.

Some users are net stalkers who search for specific prohibited content.

Darknet is also available for ordinary readers who want to get information that is not available on the visible Web, but before you enter the darknet, you should know that shocking files may catch your eye.

How to get to DarkNet

Access to the dark Network is available to everyone, but requires the installation of specialized software. Before entering the darknet, you should install a special browser that uses anonymous connections. The most popular program is TOR. This browser works anonymously, since it hides the visitor’s IP, and also allows you to visit sites that are accessible only to TOR users.

Along with TOR, you can access the darknet using software – Freenet, which functions on the same principles. Resources hosted in the system can only be viewed by users added to the list of trusted peers.

The I2P service is also gaining popularity. Such a proxy system has several distinguishing features. In particular, it allows you to create highly secure e-mail, contains data warehouses and non-indexed blogs, chats and social networks.

It is worth noting that all Darknet networks exist parallel to each other and access to sites hosted on the same network can only be obtained by a member of the same network.

How to search sites in DarkNet

Darknet has its own search engines:

  • Grams;
  • Fess;
  • Duckucko

Darknet sites and links are not like the usual domains used on the public Web. The shadow network domain looks like random character generation on the .onion domain.

Some darknet sites are indexed by internal search engines, and access to others can only be accessed through a direct link to the site or after authorization.

For authorization in the Shadow Network, no personal data is used. Login and password should be a random set of characters and not indicate the identity of the user.
Darknet search engine works in all languages.

What can be found in DarkNet

Most users mistakenly believe that on the darknet’s resources you can find exclusively pages with malicious files, drug trafficking, or weapons sales. In fact, the darknet is a free Internet zone where a wide variety of products and information can be presented.

Most shadow network sites contain copyrighted information:

  • Scientific libraries;
  • Training courses at renowned universities such as Oxford;
  • Books
  • Media files that are only visible after purchase on the visible network;
  • Closed-access news publications;
  • News feed from honest journalists, bloggers, and ordinary users.

The darknet also has its own online markets, which allow you to purchase accounts on social networks, order hacks and DDoS attacks, smuggled goods, keys for games and computer software.

Along with these products, drugs, weapons, porn, fake documents and cards, which make up about 70% of the total turnover, are distributed.

Cryptocurrency – means of payment DarkNet

Paying with bank cards on a darknet is not practical. Since the advent of cryptocurrency, it has become the official means of payment for the shadow network, as it maintains the anonymity of users, hides their location and does not require entering contact information.

The growing popularity of the shadow network and cryptocurrencies is closely linked. With the advent of bitcoin, the number of darknet users began to increase sharply due to the fact that new opportunities appeared on the network.

Benefits of DarkNet

Dark net is a free internet zone where you can openly express your opinions without fear of political repression. Freedom of speech is supported on the networks, so many resources are devoted to truthful political reviews. In addition, in the darknet you can find information that, for political reasons, would be deleted on most public sites.

On the expanses of the network posted materials that may be useful, but protected by copyright, and therefore inaccessible to the average user.

Users of the dark network are reliably protected from revealing their identities, have a decentralized and anonymous method of payment in cryptocurrency. Darknet meets all the needs of users, depending on their needs.

The dangers of the dark network

From the point of view of the law, network users are not violators of the rule of law, but the dark network retains its dangers, which have already become myths and legends.

Suicides. So, according to the beliefs in the darknet, there is a Quiet Home resource, upon reaching which the user learns the truth and ceases to exist in the real world. Although the creators themselves confirmed that this myth is a psychological manipulation, the purpose of which is to draw attention to the shadow network, however, the popularity of history does not fade. According to a study by netstalkers, the sensational games ‘Blue Whale’, ‘Wake Me Up at 4:20’ and others, which led to the suicide of adolescents around the world, also originate in the shadow network and actively use its symbolism.

Cruelty. Also on the open spaces of darknet you can find files that can disturb the psyche, contain the 25th frame, cruelty and violence. Although the theory of the dangers of the 25th frame has not been officially proven, the network contains many files that try to influence the user’s psyche. In most cases, these are short videos containing frightening scenes with a special algorithm for changing images.

According to another myth, on some sites there are media files, viewing of which can lead a person to suicide. At the moment, there is no confirmation of these theories, so the main danger of the dark network remains the spread of drugs, the sale of weapons and the placement of pornographic materials.

Before connecting to the darknet, make sure that you are ready to see everything that it stores in itself. Darknet site pages are recommended for people with a stronger mind after reaching an age category of 21+.


Darknet is a special Internet network that works completely anonymously and provides the ability to access data storages inaccessible within the public network. The use of darknet can be due to a number of circumstances in which it is necessary to hide your identity.

For people with a fragile psyche, visiting the darknet can be dangerous, because the files in it are not moderated and are not hidden by censorship, which means they can contain violence, murder and cruelty.

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