What is a HYIP investment


How to work with hype projects so that they generate income

HYIP, High Yield Investment Program is a highly profitable program that guarantees investors a profit of 10% or more. This is a financial pyramid – the fund most often does not earn money, and profitability is ensured by the redistribution of “newcomers” deposits between participants. Other options are possible, but the essence of HYIP investments remains unchanged: investors seek high returns and are forced to put up with an equally high risk of losing money.

Absolutely all HYIP PROJECTS cannot be considered fraudulent. Quite successful startup projects that require investment at the initial stage, but there is no guarantee that the project will be successfully implemented in the future, can also act in this capacity. The main thing that every investor should know about this type of investment: you can and even need to earn it once or twice, but you should not consider them as a long-term project.
It’s quite simple to distinguish clearly the fraudulent investment offer “HYIP”: it’s frankly cheap design, texts about high profits, but without specifics. Potential investors are offered to make a contribution, they even send allegedly profit reports, but on the eve of the term of capitalization and payments, the fund simply disappears!

It is worth understanding: truly reliable and worthy HYIP always have detailed and high-quality reporting, a solid site, reputation, positive publications and feedback from analysts. However, the classic financial pyramids are also the clearest example of HYIP investments. The basis of their work is the principle of a common cash desk: all participants make contributions, and then, after a lapse of time, receive them back with interest. In this case, the first payments are made at the expense of subsequent deposits. It is worth noting that the pension system, banking services for depositors and other areas in which there is a gap in financial flows are working on the same principle in our country.

The main disadvantage of HYIP investing is the great risk of losing their funds, from which none of the participants in such projects is safe.

Pros of Hype Projects

  • During the operation of financial pyramids, the money of depositors does not go beyond their limits (for example, they are not invested in loans, stocks, etc.).
  • All investors understand that they are dealing with a risky activity – a pyramid. And it is precisely for the risk that they receive high interest.
  • Well-functioning pyramids, contrary to popular belief, are quite stable. If HYIP investments bring real profit, new investors come to the project, feeding it financially. The old investors, making a profit, invest part back into the pyramid, ensuring its continuous operation.
  • A high level of liquidity, which distinguishes HYIP from investments in mutual funds or trading accounts.
  • The possibility of capitalization of interest.

Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of HYIP investment projects that offer fabulous profits to everyone who invests in them.

 It is almost impossible to know in advance how certain promises are true due to some characteristic features of HYIP investments. A careful study can still distinguish a real income-generating program from fraud

How to determine a high-quality hype project

To determine how high-quality and reliable the HYIP investment project is, it is necessary to carefully study its following criteria:

  • The quality of the Internet resource. It is advisable to pay attention to absolutely all of its elements: design and content, the availability of detailed reliable contact information, the engine and the site’s security against hacking and DDOS attacks.
  • Money transfer options. It’s best if you can enter money into a hype project in several common ways (Webmoney, Internet banking, plastic cards), and not just through one payment system.
  • The most diverse details of the launch and promotion of the program.
  • The promised and real profitability of the program. Promises of big earnings already at the initial development of the project may well be one of the main signs of fraud.
  • The ratio of investment plans available in the program. Using them it is quite easy to calculate a fraudster, since they come up with plans “by eye”, if only to quickly attract a maximum of participants.
  • Availability of information on payments, continuous publication of project activities.
  •  Technical support work. This criterion is not difficult to verify: just ask the question you are interested in several times and estimate the response time of the consultant.
  • Project support. In the process of implementation, the program should constantly evolve, and not just attract and pay money. If the project is not advertised anywhere, is not being promoted and is not being improved, then it will be closed in the near future.

 It is interesting: investor’s working day

Each investor who monitors his deposits should regularly perform a number of operations. Here are some of them:

  1. Enter the project website in which his money is invested, make an application for the withdrawal of fixed deposits or accrued interest.
  2. Transfer received funds to EPS.
  3. If necessary, make an exchange of funds between two electronic payment systems.
  4. To decide on the need for reinvestment of a project.

All these actions take two hours a day from strength. In fact, you can engage in investing without breaking away from your main job, or in the evening after it.

How to build a HYIP investment project

One or two people may be enough to organize such a project. But if you open ‘HYIP’ is not difficult, then it will take a lot of effort to promote it. To attract real investors who will bring real money to the project, you will have to seriously try. Promotion often occurs on the Internet, in forums where users discuss them. Various tricks are used: stories about successful investing, laying out screenshots with payments, answers to skeptics’ questions. In addition, a referral program is used to attract customers: the one who posts on the forums adds a link to the hype in his signature. And he receives a percentage for everyone who clicked on the link and registered.
The scheme for creating and promoting the HYIP investment project may look like this:

  • The administrator (the creator of the project) launches it and hires the first agents for promotion.
  • Attracting new investors.
  • When making each contribution to the HYIP investment system, the administrator takes a part of the profit, pays a fee to the agents, and distributes the rest to the accounts of the depositors.
  • The acceleration period ends, investors withdraw their funds and receive the first profit.
  • A new influx of investors begins, having heard about the success of HYIP investing, and many of the first are returning.

It should be understood that this type of earnings is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Many users know a lot of sad stories related to the development of HYIP, and therefore treat them like a lottery or a game of chance. That is why among the secrets of success in investing HYIP can be noted:

  1. Those who manage to enter the HYIP project among the first get the greatest benefit;
  2. It is better to choose flexible investment plans and withdraw money before it becomes clear that HYIP is living out;
  3. HYIP investments in one project should be done once;
  4. The presence of any documents and reliable contact information is an unambiguous plus for a hype project;
  5. HYIP investments should be made only when you have really free funds.

Even if you praised all of these criteria, no one can guarantee you a return of funds and a large profit. Therefore, absolutely all accumulations should not be thrown into the project. It is better to use a fairly reliable principle of diversification of investments. If you prefer high-income investments, we recommend that, in addition to HYIP investments, invest in trading accounts of the companies presented on our website. They will provide you a good income and, in addition, will help compensate for losses if you choose the wrong HYIP project.


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