What is a decentralized dapp app


Decentralized application

Immersed in the topic of altcoins, you may have already come across the concept of “dapp” (dapp), or “decentralized application” (decentralized application). Such applications are distinguished by the autonomy of the structure, open source code and are located on the blockchain.

First, let’s see which applications can be considered centralized. You are using one of them right now. Your browser is ‘centralized.’ If it weren’t, you could use the resources of other home devices to share the load or, if you have permissions, connect to the computers of neighbors to increase the speed of data transfer.

Decentralization is one of the key mechanisms for the functioning of many altcoins. To generate blocks, verify transactions and mining altcoins, huge capacities are needed, which makes such tasks unbearable for a standard computer. Large networks that use dapps do this, sharing the load among themselves. Many altcoins reward dapp users for their participation in cyclical processes. Ethereum is built on this concept: the one who wants to carry out the transaction must pay for the “fuel” (gas) necessary to start it.

As they say, when there are a lot of hands, the job is arguable. All dapps work on a single principle: one computer does not solve complex cryptographic problems for decades – millions of machines are simultaneously engaged in this, distributing rewards according to the contribution made. Without such a mechanism, altcoins could not exist.

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