What are Testnet and Mainnet networks


Testnet and Mainnet networks

Creating a project is a very long process, which usually requires developers to be fully concentrated, responsible and professional. To create high-quality and long-term processes, specialists from various fields of activity are involved, from marketing to technical specialists.

The life cycle of each project can be divided into:

• creation of an idea;

• schematic representation (compilation of TOR);

• project development;

• release of a test version (Testnet) and testing;

• correction of errors found;

• launch of the main network (Mainnet);

• project promotion.

This scheme can be called very conditional, because between each of these stages there are many operations that require a lot of work.

If you look closely, you will see that at 4 and 6 places are those 2 stages to which this article is devoted.

What is a Testnet Network

After carrying out certain works, developers have a prototype of the project, which users should ultimately get. But, in this prototype there may be errors that need to be fixed so that they do not occur during the work of the project.

Indeed, in this case, many complaints will be received from users, and the work and reputation of the project will be in jeopardy.

In other words, Testnet is a draft version of a working product. And often, this draft version of the product runs in parallel with the main version. With its help, developers can implement new functionality and test it, without risking damage to the main version of the product.

To understand the difference between Testnet and Mainnet can be an example of driving a car. While you are driving along the training field, the risk of an accident is reduced to zero. But, having left on the road – you are at risk.

What is a Mainnet Network

Everything is simple here. If Testnet is a draft, then Mainnet is a draft. If Testnet is a driving simulator, then Mainnet is driving on a real road.
Mainnet is the final version of the product, which is ready for use by customers.

Mainnet and Testnet on the blockchain

When creating crypto projects, it is impossible to do without using these two cycles. Moreover, there are cases when, after the launch of the main network of the project, developers continue to actively search for possible errors in their product.

Untimely identified errors can cause enormous damage to the company. In the world of cryptocurrencies, we have repeatedly faced situations where scammers found weaknesses in projects and stole funds.

The most sensational scandal is connected with the DAO, remember? The presence of these two stages in the project roadmap will help to ensure that the project being developed will be of high quality and safe.

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