What are Bitcoin Faucets


What are Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are sites that give you the opportunity to get Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency for performing simple actions for free.

To get free money you need to take easy steps that are accessible even to a beginner, for example, guess a captcha, assemble a puzzle, play a mini-game or play a lottery.

Satoshi pays you for such simple actions. Usually payment for one action – for example, guessing a captcha does not exceed 100 satoshi. Since the commission on the Bitcoin network is very high, micro-payments are not profitable for the creators of cranes, so you won’t be able to withdraw money right away, you will need to save a certain amount in your account. Some taps use micro-payment services. First, you send money to the micropayment service, they accumulate there, and then you withdraw the total amount to the wallet in Bitcoin.

Thus, another intermediary appears – micropayment service. But if you use several Bitcoin faucets, then the required amount on the micropayment service accumulates quickly enough, much faster than on the Bitcoin faucet itself. So it often happens that the use of a micropayment service is a necessary necessity to withdraw money from the system more often.

Why do I need to give out money for free

Why would anyone need to give out money? Why do Bitcoin taps exist at all?
The answer to this question is simple enough: to draw attention to the site.

The goal of any Bitcoin faucet is to make people stay on the site for a sufficiently long time, and constantly, to ensure greater site traffic, as well as high Alexa ratings. The higher the Alexa and the higher the ratings, the more expensive the advertising on the site.

Therefore, often Bitcoin faucets are simply teeming with advertising. Because of this, sites are heavily loaded and making money becomes more difficult.
So that a person is constantly on the site usually satoshi collection is carried out at certain intervals. For example, after 20 minutes. You must go to the site every 20 minutes to collect Satoshi. Thus, the user is almost always on the site.
Due to such time intervals, “Satoshi collectors” usually work simultaneously with dozens of cranes. Since the collection intervals for each crane are different from 5 minutes to several hours, there are even special collection schedules. Thus, creating your own Satoshi collection schedule, the user within a few hours switches from one Bitcoin tap to another and collects Satoshi.

Best Bitcoin Faucets

The best Bitcoin taps are the new Bitcoin taps.
Over time, all Bitcoin faucets begin to pay less and become no longer as interesting as they were originally.
But there is a way out of this problem.

There are sites – Bitcoin rotators, on which all the most relevant and interesting Bitcoin taps are presented and the list of taps is constantly updated.

Fatty Bitcoin Faucets

The concept of bold bitcoin faucet is very relative. Today, the Bitcoin crane is greasy, tomorrow it sharply reduced the amount of payments, especially if the owners of the crane see that the site is popular and advertisers are actively advertising on it. Why pay extra money to users.
However, there is a fairly effective way to make Bitcoin faucet more bold.

This method is suitable for those faucets that do not pay a clear amount of satoshi, but within certain limits. For example, up to 1000 satoshi at a time.
The site gives the impression that a person accidentally wins a certain amount of Satoshi. However, the size of the winnings is far from random. It depends on the location of your IP. The fact is that advertisers need not just users, but rich users, and for the same actions, US residents pay much more than residents of the CIS countries or, for example, Namibia. Any Bitcoin crane needs normal traffic. If traffic goes from Namibia to such a Bitcoin crane, no one will order ads. Therefore, users from Namibia can get 1 Satoshi for 1 action.

If you want to increase your earnings on Bitcoin faucets by 3 to 7 times, then you need to mask your IP.
To do this, you need to download the Tor browser.
In the settings, set the country of entry – USA.
The Tor browser makes extensive use of the crypto community for anonymity and security of cryptocurrencies.

How much do you earn on Bitcoin faucets

Many no one will pay you much for simple actions. This should be understood by all users of Bitcoin taps. If you are offered something transcendental, then these are most likely scammers.

In reality, in order to earn at least 100 rubles a day on Bitcoin faucets, you need to use several taps and spend several hours a day on such an activity. In addition, cranes must be constantly changed, as old cranes begin to pay less and less over time.

No matter how terrible it may sound, but mostly people from economically backward countries use cranes for Bitcoin, where even 5 dollars is quite significant money. Therefore, changing IP sometimes quite significantly increases your earnings.
In reality, Bitcoin faucets are a profit for beginners, which even beginners quickly get bored with due to their inefficiency.


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