Ways to attract referrals to a hip project


How to attract referrals to the project, three simple rules

Today I will try to answer one of the most popular questions: how to attract referrals to a highly profitable project for free. Naturally, earning on the Internet is not limited to referrals only, and in many cases you can safely do without them. But, working on an affiliate program, you can significantly increase your income. Therefore, sit back and start reading this article, because I will share with you how to attract referrals to projects.
I will not ignore the mistakes that are inherent to newcomers in this matter, and why their affiliate links are ignored.

Rule number 1. Before you offer anything, first try it yourself

This means that before attracting referrals to any HYIP project you choose, you first need to participate in it yourself by investing in this project funds, and not the minimum.

I often notice that people start proposing projects without investing their money. From the outside, it looks like ‘I’m not sure about this project (a), I will not risk it, but you are friends, invest’.
But people are not stupid creatures, and they all see this, which means that they will not follow the affiliate link for registration. You must have confidence in the proposed project, you must understand it, and for this you need to work with it.

If you want to attract referrals, then your personal contribution should be tangible. If you invested 10 bucks, then whatever you say, it is unlikely that any of the partners will invest more. People will do what you do.

Rule number 2. Forcibly do not drag anyone into a hype project, do not lure or beg

In social networks and skype there is a category of people who start to write in a personal and propose their projects. Visitors perceive such actions as spam, and as a result no one clicks on the affiliate link.

Imagine the following moment: Unaware of anything, you calmly walk along the street. And suddenly a guy appears in front of you and says: “Wait a minute, I want to offer you an investment project that will bring you a lot of money.” I think that you do not even want to listen to him, and you just go about your business further. On the Internet the same thing.

But then how to attract referrals to a hip project? Very simple: show people your results. For example, you are an investor in a HYIP project and receive income from it. So share this joy with others on your social networks and attach an affiliate link to this hype. Everything is ridiculously simple. Frankness and honesty are your faithful assistants in attracting partners and this approach to business will yield a positive result.

Rule number 3. Do without spam

Spam is evil. Agree, while checking your mailbox, you are not too pleased to see letters with similar headers: “I offer you a super project with huge profits …” or “Do you want to earn a million in an hour?” Come on! ” In the second case, I generally have a question: why don’t you earn your million in an hour, but spam me here? 🙂

Exactly the same attitude to spam among users of social networks, skype, forums … Spam is a malicious violation of the ethics of virtual communication. Accounts are blocked for his newsletter, he only spoils the reputation and does not bear money. It’s better to forget about spam and don’t waste your time.

 Earnings on referrals – working methods

1. Using your own blog
Earnings in referrals will be quite difficult without having your own blog. Creating a blog will not take you much time, and it’s difficult to call the cost of maintaining it even the cost of a blog – a month you will cost $ 2-4. If you don’t know how to create it, then just search the search engines “how to create your website” – I created the blog in the same way, from scratch, without any knowledge and experience. In extreme cases, you can resort to the help of specialists.

The blog needs to be filled with relevant information about the companies in which you invest. Write about your results, contributions and payments. Your blog is the most important tool for earning money to attract partners and the question “where to get referrals” will not be so acute. Interesting and informative sites are often linked from forums and social networks, which will certainly lead to a significant increase in your referral structure.

If your site will delight readers with informative and unique articles, and even optimized for key queries, then it will certainly increase the flow of visitors from search engines. And most importantly – this stream will be continuous and free.

2. Attracting referrals on YouTube
If you have your own YouTube channel, then it will also serve as a good tool for attracting referrals for free. If there is no channel, then you will not spend much time creating it. You can record your own videos, or find strangers and re-upload to your channel. You can also post videos to your blog or social networks by copying the YouTube link.

When uploading a video, be sure to include the name of the project in the video title, in the description under the video, duplicate the title as well and leave your referral link. The trick is that many videos go to Google or Yandex search engines, plus YouTube has a video search. When people search for the very project that you are promoting, your video may be in the first places, visitors will watch it and follow the reflink that you left in the description below the video.

3. Free bulletin boards
To date, the Internet is saturated with a huge number of free message boards, such as Avito. I advise you to pay attention to this fairly simple method. If you submit your material correctly, then your work will not be in vain. But you should know that the flow of ads on such resources is very large and your ads may get lost in it. Therefore, you need to monitor the posted material and update it.

4. Favorable conditions for referrals
Offer your partners favorable conditions so that they choose you.
At a minimum, these are project consultations and support, and at the very least, a refback.

5. Improvisation
Come up with something unusual and use it.

To summarize

As you can see, there are more than enough ways to attract referrals for free. Of course, referrals will not go right away, but the main thing here is not to abandon business and continue to work. Refarming is work, and as you know, perseverance and labor will grind everything. In a month, two, maybe even in a year, but you will see the results.

Use the above methods. Be honest and open with partners, give advice, but do not promise or guarantee anything. Advertise not a project, but your participation and show the results. And then people will become your partners.


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