WaykiChain Cryptocurrency: Key Features


WaykiChain Cryptocurrency Review

WaykiChain is the new and powerful Blockchain 3.0 core system. The project will help build and develop new business models.

Features WaykiChain

  • Bid Result. Bid Transparency
    1. Based on blockchain technology, every WaykiBetting bet is publicly searchable, with a characteristic that cannot be manipulated by entries.
    2. Each sporting result of the game follows the official website to ensure the credibility of the results; Each payment at the rates for the game is calculated according to the base block algorithm to ensure that the payment is absolutely fair, with a characteristic that cannot be manipulated with records.
  • 99% of the total return. Highest payout on the market
    1.WaykiBetting has the lowest operating costs, using a decentralization structure supported by blockchain technology that does not allow anyone to compete on the market.
    2. After the game results are released, the smart contract will automatically distribute the payments in accordance with the published results.

Benefits of WaykiChain

◆ Technology: The project has a mature and powerful technology team, which not only has accumulated rich production and technological experience in many sectors, including finance, entertainment, IT, etc., but also achieved innovative breakthroughs in the research and development and application of block technology Chains.

◆ Business application: WaykiChain fully included the distributed network features specific to blockchain 3.0 to create a global decentralized application development platform that supports various industries: there is no mandatory centralized control; Autonomy of the subunit; High interconnection between subunits; Nonlinear causal relationship formed by point-to-point effects through a network.

◆ Business management: unlike general public blocks, the project has a clear and precise strategy for target industries. Thanks to its characteristics of blockchain technology, such as distributed decentralization, irreversibility, encrypted security, and value transfer, WaykiChain will professionally and aggressively penetrate target industries and quickly acquire market shares.

◆ Fund management: from the point of view of fund management, the project will primarily focus on its development under the strict principles of justice, fairness and openness. The project team will protect WaykiChain development funds to ensure the safety and sustainability of funds. To ensure openness of use, funds allocated in WaykiChain projects will be disclosed to all investors on a regular basis.

◆ Development Potential: WaykiChain has one trillion target industry.
According to a conservative estimate, in 2017 the sports betting industry market reached $ 1.3 trillion. And the sports betting industry is just the first industry WaykiChain will develop!

◆ Sustainable development: creating an ideal management architecture, WaykiChain team implemented effective administration of general procedures, code management, financial management, salary management, privilege scope, etc., to guarantee the sustainable development of the project.


WaykiChain still focuses on the online sports industry, and is gradually expanding into other industries. You can use the token to participate in these bets.

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