Vitae (VITAE) cryptocurrency review


Vitae (VITAE)

Vitae Token is a PIVx plug. Contains PIVx technology.
Based on the Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol and based on the Bitcoin Core 0.10.x code.
It uses the Masternodes / Supernodes network for openly visible decentralized management and enhanced transaction confidentiality.


  • Social Awards Site
    Google forbids cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we need a new website where crypto and people can get together.
    When our Social Rewards website opens (on the roadmap December 26, 2018) and has an advertising platform that allows cryptographic advertising, the market will move to our website for advertising.
    Imagine that millions of cryptocurrencies are closed from Facebook and Google suddenly has a platform on which they can sell.
  • Superndes
    This node has a direct connection with SwiftTX technology for instant transmission. This will be used to enable the connection of Point of Sale e-commerce and retail Peer to Peer terminals.
    Supernodes will use the Zerocoin protocol and POD (evidence of disintegration).
    These nodes will be issued only by the VITAE team and hosted by the VITAE team to ensure maximum node uptime and there is no running cost for the Supernode owner.
  • Masternodes
    Masternodes serve as a decentralized voting and blockchain model for the network, function as super-nodes, but do not contain e-commerce integration.
    These nodes can be created and hosted by someone at a price of 20,000 VITAE.
    Token burning does not occur when creating a node. The funds provided are blocked and serve as a guarantee for Maternode at creation.


Symbolic functions
– PIVX plug
– algorithm: Quark
– POW phase: block 1-200
– POS phase: block 201 – forward
– retargeting difficulty: each block
– filling in the required number of confirmations; 150
– Lock time: 45 seconds
– Max. Feed: 100,000,000
– Pre-production: 1,105,940
– 800,000 burned for installation of 80 Supernodes
– 200,000 for bounties, taps, promotions and charity.
– Providing supernews: 10,000
VITAE – Masternode Collateral: 20,000 VITAE
– Fast transactions using SwiftTX technology using our Mastenodes and Supernodes network
– Distribution of distribution of blocks:

Rates: 15%
Masternode: 25%
Supernode: 60%


Vitae is a token for Social Rewards. The website will be released on December 26, 2018. The creators unveil the Social Rewards website at the Blockchain EXPO in North America in Santa Clara, California, during the presentation of the founders on November 29, 2018 at the innovation and investor stage. Vitae will work just like Steem on Steemit, but on a much wider scale of use on the website. The Social Rewards website is a complete social network.

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