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VisitWeb Teaser Network Overview

VisitWeb advertising network includes 8 different formats of teaser advertising, more than 1 billion impressions per day, desktop and mobile traffic, an affiliate program, 28 filters and settings for advertisers, webmasters and agencies. The service specializes in demonstrating pay-per-click advertisements on partner sites.

The teaser has been operating in the niche for 6 years, and processes about 15 million clicks every day. The system stands out with its original approach to advertising formats and a profitable referral program. According to the rules of the ref-system, referrals of the first and second levels are taken into account, from the turns of which the partner can receive good interest deductions:
– 20% of the first level;
– 6% of the second level.
There are 8 types of teaser and non-teaser advertising formats available on, among which there are both well-known and relatively new formats:
1. Teaser block (“tantalizing” picture plus name and short description).
2. Messenger (the block is stylized as a message from social networks).
3. Slider (with the ability to limit the time the advertisement appears).
4. Link (the link points to a showcase with teasers, the link can be put from a banner or teaser).
5. ClickUnder (opens an advertising resource in the background tab, works when a click is made).
6. Mobile Blind (redirects mobile traffic directly to advertised pages).
7. Embed (the block is displayed above a certain container when the mouse cursor is over).
8. Lite Blind (advertising shifts focus on the advertising project, leaving the affiliate project in the background).

 How to make money

Webmasters who have their own sites with traffic of at least 50 people per day can participate in the program, in addition, the or statistics counter must be available on the site and access must be provided. The partner needs to add his Internet resource to the service, customize the appearance of the ad unit in accordance with the site design, get the HTML code of the block and paste it into his resource. If a partner’s site visitor is interested in an ad and it goes to the advertiser’s Internet resource, the program participant receives a reward. Webmasters are forbidden to motivate visitors to click on teasers, or use active advertising services to increase the number of clicks.

How much can you earn

Affiliates are paid every click of visitors on advertising. The cost of a click is determined by the advertiser and depends on the content of the site, the quality of traffic, and the market price for advertising. Traffic from Russia from mobile devices is more expensive.

 For advertisers:
The advertiser has fine-tuned traffic purchase settings.

Available targeting:

2. cities and countries
3. platforms
4. to browsers
5. sex and age
6. IP ranges
7. days and time of delivery

The VisitWeb traffic exchange operates an auction system – the higher the price is set, the more impressions and visitors you will receive.
A permanent partner bonus is also available: + 1% of the advertiser’s minimum cost (webmaster’s income) for each full week of continuous work. The current day and the last 10 weeks (70 days) are considered.


PostBack is used to track traffic conversion data, provides full information on which parameters bring maximum revenue. When clicked, the advertiser’s parameter is passed to the advertiser’s server (unique user ID), using which he can report the conversion and the amount earned from this visitor to the system. After collecting statistics, you can evaluate which targets and sites have the best conversion, and turn off all others to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.
To protect yourself from unnecessary expenses, you can configure the campaign to automatically stop when a critical negative difference between income and expense is reached. To do this, you need to activate the ‘postback auto-stop’ and set the amount for the tests, it will be the threshold for stopping the campaign.

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