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Vertamedia Advertising Network Overview

The international advertising network VertaMedia was created in 2008. The service uses advanced methods of advertising marketing in its work and provides advanced functionality for optimal interaction between advertisers and webmasters.

Service issues

VertaMedia offers a comprehensive approach to solving all the problems that arise in the process of cooperation between advertisers and webmasters.

The service allows everyone to achieve their goals: advertisers to conduct an effective campaign with minimal costs, webmasters to get the maximum profit from advertisements posted on the resource.

The VertaMedia network provides various options for advertisers:

• Tartering advertisements;
• Setting the final budget and cost per impression;
• Setting impressions by day of the week and time;
• Deep real-time statistics.

In addition, the sites on which ads will be broadcast are strictly selected, so advertisers receive high-quality and targeted traffic.

Webmasters working with VertaMedia have the following features:

• Various ad formats: “PopUp”, “PopUnder”, “Ad” and “Search” blocks;
• Use of XML Feed-advertising on the site;
• Custom settings for ad units;
• A set of statistical and analytical tools.

Working with this service, webmasters will be able to monetize traffic from their resources by placing ad units, and advertisers will conduct effective advertising campaigns.

How to work with the ad network

On the service’s main page, click on the “Registration” link, select the type of account: advertiser or webmaster and fill out the form. Click ‘Next’
Enter the password and enter your personal account. To create an ad unit, select the “Integration tools” menu item and mark the format of the advertisement with the radio button. Click ‘Step2’.
Next, assign a source and an identifier to get detailed traffic statistics. Click on the “Configure Ad Block” button.
Form the appearance of the block: size, color of links and background.
To generate the code, click “Get Code” and embed the resulting code in a web resource.

VertaMedia will be a good solution for advertisers who want to get the most out of advertisements and for webmasters working on monetizing their resource.

Referral profit in the VertaMedia network is 5% of the income given by referral link participants.

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