Utarget.pro Ad Network Overview


Overview of Utarget.pro

The advertising platform utarget offers webmasters the placement of ads on their sites in Click Under format.

The service does not promote resources with dubious content. Most websites advertised are online stores.
The owner of the advertising platform sets the minimum price for his services.
If the system does not accept the visitor for any reason, it will be redirected to the address provided by the partner (traffic back option). If the system does not redeem the visitor, it can show him another ad code. It must also be specified in advance.

How to work with an affiliate program

The program accepts sites with more than 5,000 unique visitors per day. Resources should not contain 18+ content and distribute virus software. All affiliate websites are pre-moderated.
To add a site, fill out a special form and indicate in it the address of your resource, its subject, access to statistics, the minimum price for 1,000 clicker hits, as well as the address for returning traffic and the “stub” code.

How much can you earn

The price of traffic is directly tied to its quality. That is, if visitors do not just go to the advertised site, but make purchases there, then the cost per click clicker rises. Redemption of display of advertising is carried out according to the auction scheme. Advertisers compete for highly convertible traffic, which leads to an increase in its price. There is no maximum cost threshold for 1,000 click-through impressions.



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