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UNIC Advertising Network

Unicads.net cryptocurrency arbitrage platform was founded in 2017. Conceived as a global trading platform for buying and selling advertising traffic for its own UNIC cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, the company is selling ICO tokens of the new digital currency UNIC, and the launch of affiliate and referral programs is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

In the general perspective, it is supposed to work with any advertising, but the company’s basic marketing plan is designed to “capture” the cryptocurrency traffic markets.
ICO startups, the number of which is steadily growing, are considered as the main clientele, ready to refuse expensive traffic to Google Adwords for Unicads.

Technically, the Unicads.net affiliate program will be organized in the same way as in regular ad networks:
– with the acceptance of orders from advertisers;
– with the creation of your own traffic network from partner sites;
– with the purchase of traffic for PPS, PPC and PPL models;
– with the payment of 5% referral fee for attracting new program participants.

According to the founders of the company, tools have already been developed to provide the following technical advantages:
– powerful antifraud filter;
– an intelligent system of advertising rotation, built on the basis of the RTB algorithm;
– bypass ad blocking;
– we’ll take traffic through most relevant advertising formats (banners, pop-under, context, etc.).

It should be noted that the company does not solve the problem of ad blocking not by finding workarounds and developing scripts, but by building trust with developers of blocking systems. So, at the moment, ads from Unicads are whitelisted by such large anti-spam systems as Adguard and AdBlock Plus.

Profit distribution scheme: a partner receives 75% of the advertising budget, 25% goes to cover administrative expenses and to create company profits.

Financial transactions in Unicads will be performed in UNIC (or Unic-tokens), with the daily ability to withdraw amounts in excess of 140 Unic-tokens.

For those who are not aware of the intricacies of the cryptocurrency world, we will explain the essence of the current stage: funds are raised to create their own cryptocurrency through the sale of so-called ICO tokens tied to the blockchain of the existing Ethereum currency.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offers (“initial offer of coins”), which in practice is a virtual analogue of the cryptocurrency used for one-time emissions.

ICO tokens who have bought ICOs have a chance to significantly increase their investments on a subsequent increase in the exchange rate, as tokens are sold at significant discounts (relative to the initial exchange rate of the future digital currency).

In addition, it is possible to receive tokens for free within the framework of the Bounty program, the essence of which is that a certain number of tokens is distributed among those who took part in the popularization of the project.

Encouraged actions are:
– publication and repost of posts in social networks;
– The publication of promotional articles on their blogs;
– placing links in signatures of active profiles on forums.

Below is a roadmap of the company, from which it follows that in the future it is planned to enter the global advertising market (IPO placement).

If the project is successful, this means a significant increase in the UNIC rate and good indicators of the profitability of investments in Unic tokens made now.

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