UNGADS – a network of banner, popunder and mobile advertising


UngAds advertising platform

  • Website – ungads.com.
  • Type – mobile, desktop.
  • Verticals – mainstream dating, adult, mobile games and applications, gambling, finance, software, e-commerce, glamor.
  • Formats – video, banners, popunder and push, direct links and full-screen advertising.
  • Payment model – CPM, CPC, SmartCPA.
  • Payment methods – PayPal (min 100%), Wire Transfer (min 300 $), ePayments (from $ 100).
  • Settlement currency – dollars, euros.
  • Moderation – within an hour, you can speed it up if you contact the support chat.
  • Referral program – 3% of a friend’s expenses listed on a referral link.

UngAds is an international advertising network that is suitable for webmasters and owners of their own sites. Now the network has more than 500,000 publishers, operates worldwide – 190 countries on 6 continents. Advertisers can independently create and manage campaigns through the Self-Service platform or use the help of a manager. Support responds quickly, support around the clock. The ad network also boasts its own anti-fraud protection, which provides traffic without bots.

Publishers can monetize their resource, for this you need to register, add a site, confirming ownership, and choose the appropriate offers. Payments are made every month on the 20th of the day in a way convenient for the publisher, payment systems and the advertising network may charge a commission:

  • PayPal withholds a commission of 3-5%.
  • UngAds charges 3% for credit card payments.
  • EPayments – no commission.
  • The ad network charges 50 dollars for a bank transfer, payment in euros without commission.

Advantages for the webmaster: UngAds skips almost all verticals, including adult, many advertising sites, the network supports desktop and mobile, several payment options.

We will consider the option of the arbitrator working with the UngAds advertising network. First you need to go through a simple registration, even without mail confirmation, an ad network profile will be knocked on Skype.

Launching an Advertising Campaign

After registration, the user’s account opens. The dashboard is understandable, although there is no Russian interface. You can check the statistics of running campaigns, configure API integration, replenish your account and manage hourly, daily and total limits, see the conditions of the referral program.
To create the first PK, click on the red button on the top panel. The procedure is standard:

  • Prescribe the name of the campaign.
  • Choose an advertising format and payment model.
  • Download creative or specify a link to the landing page.
  • Target.
  • Set limits.
  • Add a white sheet of publishers, if any.
  • And set time targeting.

After replenishing the balance, the RK is sent for moderation (about an hour). To speed up the advertising, write to the support chat.

Ad formats

UngAds can promote 4 formats.

1. Banners for mobile and desktop in various formats. They work with the following objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Promote products;
  • Attract new customers;
  • Mobile app advertising.

2. Popanders are good because they do not distract the user, they open in the background in the browser window, they have a low price for the average number of visits. Suitable for advertising landing pages, sites and applications.

3. Push notifications are considered one of the non-aggressive formats, the user can easily reject them. They talk a lot about pushing now, they predict that they will remain profitable in mobile. Technical requirements on the image.

4. Video advertising.

Payment and recharge models

The ad network offers three payment options:

  • CPC (banners, push)
  • CPM (any of 4 ad formats)
  • SmartCPA (banners, popunder, push) with tests. This option provides for the selection of a separate amount for general tests and maximum CPM rate tests.

If you are confused, you can see tips with a minimum bid for each advertising format. All numbers on the screen.

To replenish the balance, you need to use:

  • By bank transfer (2-3 days, the commission is 1–5%, the minimum deposit is $ 300).
  • PayPal (instant replenishment, min deposit – $ 100, but the commission is higher – 3-5%).
  • EPayments (minimum deposit of $ 100, no commission and instant replenishment).


UngAds has the following targeted settings:

  • Geo (you can choose the countries and cities where the ad will be displayed, or vice versa create a list of those places where it will not be).
  • Type of connection (wi-fi, 3G).
  • Type of device (desktop, phones or tablets).
  • Type of traffic (adult, mainstream, adult + mainstream).
  • Operating System (Android, iOS, Windows, Linus, Mac Os).
  • Browser.
  • Frequency of impressions to one user.
  • The time and day of the week when the ad will be shown.


  • Clear statistics on the RK in real time.
  • The manager’s quick help in setting up and optimizing campaigns.
  • The presence of different payment options.
  • An opportunity to make White and Black sheets.
  • The advertising network works with an impressive number of verticals, in fact the majority of traffic is adult and mainstream.
  • It is possible to configure Postback and API integration.
  • Detailed targeting.
  • UngAds are ready to return the balance balance if the advertiser is not satisfied with the conditions.
  • Own antifraud protection, no need to separately pay for special services.


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