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Ultron Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Ultron Mining Systems is a domestic cloud mining service that appeared in the late summer of 2017. This resource has some differences from other similar ones, and even if it has not yet earned great popularity, it has a good chance of success.

Ultron is a cryptocurrency mining company in the cloud, whose facilities are located in Russia, in Irkutsk. The guys have their own website and an active presence on social networks. The service itself says about themselves that they create universal ASICs on video cards that allow users to start profitable and convenient mining, and most importantly, honest (on the same devices).

One of the features of the service is a large selection of capacity packages. The company carefully thought out its tariff plans so that each user could find an option to their liking.

The following facts indicate that the Ultron service is real cloud mining:

1) There is an online broadcast from their server – you can see a link to it on the main page of the Ultron website.

2) The profitability of mining corresponds to the real one.

3) The project team is indicated – again on the main page.

4) The administration of the service is not hidden and creates topics about its project in the forums.

 1 Mhash / sec for 11 USD
The most initial package, without discounts and the ability to choose a coin for mining. This is ideal for those who want only to get acquainted with cryptocurrency, and are not aimed at big profits.

5 Mash / sec for 55 USD
Another initial package, without discounts and the ability to choose a currency. Also provided for beginners.

10 Mhash / sec for 110 USD
50 Mhash / sec for 550 USD
100 Msh / s for 1089 USD
There is a 1% discount. This is the choice of those who know what they expect from mining and are set for high profitability.

250 Msh / s for 2695 USD
The discount is 2%, you cannot transfer power to the desired pool or coin.

500 Msh / s for 5335 USD
A 3% discount is provided, but it is still impossible to send hashes to the desired goals.

1000 Msh / s for 10560 USD
The package for those who value money and time is offered at a discount of 4%.

1300 Mhash / sec for 13585 USD
Provided with a 5% discount. You can transfer power at will, to any coin and pool. Perfect for those who are familiar with mining, are able to manage equipment and hashrate.

All prices are indicated on the site in dollars, however, the company accepts only cryptocurrencies (especially bitcoins), which are supported by a payment gateway. The service offers everyone their help on the use of coins if the client does not know how to pay on the MTC.

Among the advantages of this company are energy savings (the developed Ultron chips require half the energy than conventional video cards). The proposed ASICs are universal – they can be used for mining any cryptocurrency that can be mined on a video card. In addition, you can use a special program that can manage immediately 100 pieces of equipment.

Ultron Profitability

On the site you will see a chart with a yield of 1 Mesh per day, over the past month. Based on this information, the company itself calculates the daily payback percentage. So, using this schedule, you can calculate how quickly your purchase will pay off before making a purchase. You can also use the profitability calculator directly on the site.

In addition, you can participate in a referral program, which gives 3% of the packages of users who came via your link and bought the service. Electricity costs $ 0.0039 for 1 megashash per day. A service charge of 5% of your income is also charged. These are transparent calculations, and the amounts immediately upon payment are deducted from the amount payable.

Ultron Reviews

Judging by the reviews, the project works and really allows you to earn money. On the site you can connect to video cameras that show how the equipment works around the clock for your benefit. However, the project is still very young, so talking about scam or not is difficult. Perhaps the project will close, but while it is open and making payments, it is a good option for good and quick money.

Ultron Reliability

The company does not hide their personal contacts, the site indicates where the office is located, there are its pages on social networks. In addition, there is a whole power exchange, so if you are tired of mining on Ultron, you can easily sell your shares to other users, or vice versa, buy additional hashes from someone.
The service sends a contract between itself and users. This agreement indicates all the responsibilities and risks in the usual fiat currency, which eliminates fraud on the part of the service, as he said.

In addition, by purchasing a whole miner (with a capacity of 1300 Mhash / s), the company allows you to use these hashes at your own discretion – you can access the device’s control unit.

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