Types of payments in HYIPs. Advantages and disadvantages


Payments in HYIPs

After the interest has been credited to the HYIP internal account, that is, displayed in your personal account, they still need to be withdrawn to the electronic currency wallet. Until this happens, all your earnings are written with a pitchfork on the water and are nothing more than numbers on the screen.

There are three main types of payments:

  • Manual
  • Instant
  • Automatic

Manual payouts

The manual type of payments or manual is that you submit an application for withdrawal of funds, after which this application is manually checked by HYIP administrators. At this stage, admins can approve the application or disapprove, for example, pay only to monitors, and not pay the rest, or pay only small amounts, blocking large ones and so on.

On the other hand, such a delay can allow administrators to save up before issuing large payments, thereby leaving the project afloat and even creating growth, since in statistics or on forums people will talk about their major findings, which will be an impetus for the influx of new contributions.

Another advantage of manual payments is security, since the amounts in HYIPs are large and there is a lot of people who want to crack the project wallet. The administrator can split the funds into several wallets or transfer money to another project’s wallet just before payment.

Such payments usually have a delay between the application and the actual withdrawal up to 24 hours. This usually happens every few hours. People get used to this and do not raise a panic, which can sink HYIP and can’t earn even in the first circles.

Despite the name, usually most of the process is automated, admins only control that the total amount of accumulated applications for withdrawal of funds is acceptable and does not lead to the collapse of HYIP.

Thus, if you submitted an application immediately before the next payment, then you can receive real money almost immediately after the application is submitted. If you are late for a couple of minutes and the admins are away from the computer, then the payment can follow only after a few hours.

In the case of the SCAM project, the admins have some more time until people change their minds, discussions begin on the forums, they say maybe the admin went to the store or went away for the weekend, and the monitors put the project in the status of “Delays” (Problems or Delays), and not SCAM, meanwhile, the project has been raising money for some time.

 Instant payouts

Instant payments or instant are not much different from manual payments. You are also forced to apply for a withdrawal of funds, but it is processed automatically and the withdrawal is made within a few minutes.

This type of payment, or rather the termination of payments in this form, is a marker that the project has crashed, panic is rising, investors are just in case submitting applications for withdrawal. If the problem was of a technical nature, for example, the payment system itself is withdrawn to the withdrawal, or a HDoP is undergoing a DDoS attack, and even if simply re-creating the withdrawal request can solve the problem, the project is unlikely to live on anyway, but Already due to panic and mass conclusions.

Instant payments are notorious for the increased interest of hackers – hacking wallets and clearing the cashier are unfortunately not uncommon.

Such disadvantages of instant payments lead to another serious problem – large HYIP investors do not invest in it or invest only small amounts, which means that everyone else has less chance of making a HYIP.

Automatic payouts

Payment type automated or automatic – these are fully automated payments. Once you have invested and indicated a wallet for withdrawal, you can never open the site again, and interest immediately after accrual will be automatically sent immediately to the withdrawal.

This is the most pleasant type of payment for investors, since experienced investors do not invest in the project twice, do not reinvest, do not top up. But, unfortunately, it is the rarest, since it is the least profitable for admins, because interest rates, a beautiful design and other attractive psychological factors that make you replenish your account or attract referrals do not loom before your eyes.

The activity of depositors on such projects is minimal, no one posts reports on payments on the forums, since payments go unnoticed and you don’t even need to turn on the computer and laziness wins.

We already know what threatens low activity and, consequently, a small influx of customers to the project and money to the cash register. That’s right, to reduce the life of the hype.

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