Types of HYIPs on profitability


About the main types of HYIP projects

Like any other financial sector, HYIP projects involve a certain risk. Investing in any hype, first of all, it is you who are responsible for the invested funds. To minimize this risk, it is necessary to remember the main types of HYIP projects.

Low yield HYIPs

As the name implies, these projects offer their participants low interest rates (usually up to 15% per month). Do you think that they do not attract anyone? On the contrary, as practice shows, it is such low-profit projects that have been keeping afloat for the longest time, demonstrating stable payments to participants. They may work for a year or two, or they may even close after several months of work. As we already wrote, in hype projects no one is completely immune from scam.

Mid-profit HYIPs

In accordance with the previous analogy, projects that are looking for a “middle ground” in the interest rate can be called medium-profitable highs. Conditionally mid-income projects are those that offer from 15% to 60%. It should be noted that this type of hype is especially popular – on the one hand, they offer a significant percentage, on the other hand, these projects have been living for quite some time. In general, it is really the “golden mean”.

Highly profitable HYIPs

Only for those who prefer risk. For those who live by the principle of ‘all or nothing.’ Highly profitable highs offering from 60% per month. Not surprisingly, their lifespan is usually a maximum of one month. However, many old-timers of HYIP projects can easily talk about projects that existed for just a couple of days. Of course, no one guarantees that you will manage to withdraw money doubled or tripled, but the risk can be fully justified. Is it a joke to get about 100% profitability in a couple of days.

Which HYIP project is worth choosing

The first and most important recommendation that can be repeated in each article is not to invest the last money on your existence that depends on your HYIP projects. Of course, quick money attracts everyone and everything, but you can start with ‘trial’ deposits.

If you just want to understand in practice how the HYIP project works, study the features of their activities, test the withdrawal of funds, then you should definitely choose a low-profit project, where the risk of losing your money is much less.

Do you have an extra amount of funds that will not affect your life at all? Then you can safely try to invest in a medium-profit hype, because there is an opportunity to make some good money. In the case of loss of funds or closure of the project, you will only lose the amount that will not affect your life.

Who can be advised to invest in high-yield highs? Perhaps those who like to take risks. The main thing is to analyze the behavior of representatives on thematic forums and look for monitoring of hype projects. If you see that highly profitable hype exists for several weeks, you should not risk it. And it’s worth noting an important detail – investing in such projects, it is worth pacifying your greed. If you managed to double or triple your funds in a highly profitable hype, withdraw them as quickly as possible and forget about it. This is exactly the case when ‘the shell does not fall into the same funnel twice.’

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