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TubeCorporate – Reviews on the teaser network

The traffic network began operating in 2014. Redeems and sells adult traffic with support for several advertising formats. It works with both mobile and desktop traffic.

  • The ad network’s capacity is over a billion impressions per day.
  • Payment schemes for the sale of traffic – Flat-rate, CPM.
  • Redemption payment plan – CPС * 1000 (per thousand clicks to the landing page).
  • Geographical coverage – the whole world.

The average buyback prices are given in the ‘Rates’ section on the main page of the site.

Full list of supported ad formats:
– banner (with the division of prices by placement zones);
– mobile and desktop pop-under;
– thumb galleries.

For attracting new partners a bonus is awarded (5% of the earnings of referrals). Two options for links are in the ‘Referral’ section.

 How to buy traffic at

To work in advertiser mode, a separate registration is required.
The advertising campaign is set up in the following sequence:
1. Choice of an operating mode (Individual or Traffic Broker).
2. The choice of the site on which the ad units will be placed (section ‘Select Ads’).
3. Formation of an order for advertising areas.
4. Determination of the duration of the Republic of Kazakhstan and links for receiving traffic (on the advertiser’s LC main page).
5. Payment.

It should be noted that in TubeCorporate the rental price of an advertising zone is indicated only at the stage of processing the application.

Before you start working with the order form, we recommend that you view the virtual information tour (the ‘Start Tour’ button).

How to start making money with the affiliate program

Affiliate codes are available in several formats:
– A direct link to receive pop-under traffic;
– mobile and desktop versions of the script for showing pop-under;
– several implementations of a feed that provides data for the dynamic assembly of galleries with pictures (each picture is accompanied by an affiliate link);
– Two options for direct links to receive ‘mix’ and ‘search’ traffic.

The main affiliate code is located in the ‘Popunder Scripts’ section.

To drain traffic from your own options for popunder windows, you must use the link from the Campaigns Links section.

The creation of your own pages (the ‘Gallery’) takes place on the basis of the data obtained through a predefined or custom feed.

The universal data channel is configured in the ‘Feeds’ section.


Payment for traffic in TubeCorporate is carried out as a rental ad space for a certain period (Flate-rate).

Incoming payments are made in US dollars, through the payment systems Paxum, ePayments, WireTransfer, Bitcoins and bank cards.

Withdrawal of affiliate earnings becomes available after reaching the minimum amount of $ 50 (or $ 500 if Wire Transfer is used for withdrawal).

The choice of the payment method and registration of details are carried out in the profile settings, in the ‘Payment information’ section.
Please note that in some cases the payment is accompanied by commission payments: Wire (50 $), Bitcoins (3%).

The frequency of payments is twice a month (1st, 16th).


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