TrueChain Cryptocurrency (TRUE): Overview, Perspectives


TrueChain (TRUE)

True Chain is the next generation of Public Blockchain with hybrid consensus. Designed to be used in business as a platform for developing decentralized applications.

The project is developing and improving smart contract technology. The main direction in the work of the True Chain blockchain is the direction of advertising, in which relations between customers and contractors go to a completely different level.

Features of True Chain

  • Building Blockchain Infrastructure for Commercial Decentralized Applications
    True Chain combines the modified BFT consensus with an intelligent contract platform. At a consensus level, the project takes advantage of BFT to achieve high TPS and provides an improved BFT protocol that allows different players to join the validators. Therefore, True Chain is turning into a public blockchain for decentralized applications that require high performance.

    Due to the demands of commercial applications in various industries, the platform prioritizes performance, stability, usability and compatibility. It is the only open platform for business in the real world to create serious and reliable decentralized applications. Ease of use allows enterprise developers to manage the life cycle of a contract in a completely new environment. Compatibility features enable TrueChain to quickly integrate with existing web and mobile applications.

  • Smart contracts with business logic
    Starting with the Dapps in the digital advertising industry, True Chain’s smart contract platform provides a level of abstraction for commercial applications, which simplifies and accelerates the development of blockchain technology.

Application developers can create their own tokens, define workflows and test / verify their contracts based on a single environment.

  • Usage Improvement
    The platform creates tools for developers and operations managers to access, monitor and access applications.

True Chain BaaS
Smart contract manager
Contract Browser

Blockchain-as-a-Service platform for developers to test, verify, deploy smart contracts. Operations managers will be able to track, access, manage smart contracts in the chain. True Chain applications will be listed in the TRUE Dapp Store with access SDK. Unic blockchain and smart contract browser for searching transactions, data, token utility.

  • Cross-chain transaction protocols
    Interaction with applications from various blocks will be important. The transactional protocols of the platform will support an intercontact intelligent contract interface and allow transactions between True Chain and Dapps applications from different chains.


The Chinese project is expanding the scope of decentralized applications. The team is professional enough to improve smart contract technology. We are closely watching the development of True Chain.


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