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Trios.Fund is a low-interest investment project offering to invest at least $ 10 and receive from 0.5% to 1% daily. The project started on May 16, 2018.

You can easily find the official Trios.Fund website on the Internet if you enter the name of the project in the search or copy this link Not many people liked the design of the site, mainly due to its impracticality and the lack of clearly defined plans. But in general, there are no complaints about the design of the site as such.
Trios.Fund has 2 languages ​​available: Russian and English. There is also a video presentation of the project and a graph that shows the rise in the price of the token. But I especially want to highlight the Trios.Fund news section, here this column is updated really often, unlike those projects that only create this section, but never take up its filling. It will be equally useful to read the FAQ section.

You will not find reviews about Trios.Fund on the site, but they are full on the Internet and not all of them are positive. Even most of those that we looked at were written on the negative side. You can contact Trios.Fund via email. Unfortunately, the company did not provide phone numbers or links to social networks.

Legend of Trios.Fund

According to legend, the company Trios.Fund, consisting of financial experts, specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies and ICO, programmers, technicians, decided to create a platform accessible to a wide range of people and to attract additional financial resources. All financial resources invested in Trios.Fund will be used by the company to increase the total turnover in order to obtain additional profit.

Sources of profit Trios.Fund

  • Trading robots
  • Portfolio investment
  • OTC Arbitration

Trios.Fund gives you the opportunity to earn passive income through highly profitable investments in cryptocurrency. Specifically, users are offered to invest in TRT tokens – a personal cryptocurrency of the platform. You can familiarize yourself with the rise in the price of a token from the moment the project is launched on the official website

Project investment proposal

To start making money at Trios.Fund you need to follow these steps:

  • Register (by the way, even if you provide a non-existent email address, the system will register you anyway)
  • Buy Trios.Fund tokens
  • Make a profit every day or wait a while and sell the token more expensive

Such uncomplicated marketing offers us Trios.Fund. Every day) token holders receive a reward, the size of which depends on how much profit the system brought for the previous day. At the moment, the fluctuation of the daily reward is from 0.5% to 1% per day from the tokens that the user has. It is also worth noting that the price of tokens changes and is recounted several times a day. In your personal account, the price of tokens for the last 14 days is displayed.

Features of marketing Trios.Fund

  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 10
  • Payouts in automatic mode
  • Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, QIWI, BitCoin, Credit Card, Advcash, Ethereum
  • Referral program: 30% – 10% of referrals received

Reviews about Trios.Fund and project development prospects

At first glance, Trios.Fund looks good if you don’t go into the little details of the site’s development and the absence of any means of contacting the administration, except for the mail, which does not guarantee that your letter will be noticed and you will receive feedback. A marketing offer with its own token and such a low profitability allows Trios.Fund to work for more than 7 months, how hard it is to work that way. Since it all depends on the administration and its plans.

The Trios.Fund affiliate program deserves special attention. For all the time that we write reviews, not a single project was able to surprise with such percentages: 30% and 10% looks very solid and should, by idea, stimulate investors to attract new partners to the project. Only such high interest rates do not always play into the hands of the site itself. We will follow the development of Trios.Fund and of course keep you up to date with the news!

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