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Trafficshop is an international advertising network operating in the market since 2008. The main direction is the sale and purchase of Adult traffic. Let’s analyze work with an affiliate network from 2 sides – for a webmaster (who sells traffic) and an advertiser (who buys it). And also, a wide range of tools that are provided to advertisers.

Site Connection

The site is connected very easily: it is enough for the webmaster to register on the platform, add domains for selling traffic. After that, you can get codes or links for selling traffic. That’s it – you can run traffic and follow the stats in real-time!

What sites can be connected to TrafficShop

Adult sites are accepted, mainstream sites are also considered. All applications for connecting sites are individually monitored by the monitoring department. It is enough to write to support or managers (contacts are indicated on the site) and your source / domain will be considered in the near future.

There are practically no restrictions on the mechanisms for attracting traffic. Only traffic from browser extensions, traffic from sites with prohibited content, 404 and unsolicited traffic are not accepted.

 Forms of payment for traffic

  • CPM – payment for 1000 impressions of an advertisement / video / landing page.
  • CPC – pay per click.

Payments to partners

Payments are made on request, the webmaster in the account creates a request for payment in a convenient way. The minimum amount for payment of $ 50 is paid within 72 hours on business days (with the exception of some payment methods).

Of the payment methods, by the way, are available: Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney, ePayments, Bank wire, Bitcoins.

Targeting options for ordering traffic

In the top GEO is always US, DE, IN, FR, IT, CN, UK, ES. At least a million impressions are available for each of them.
Key targeting options:

  • GEO and the region
  • Language of sites providing traffic;
  • Subject areas from which traffic will go;
  • Operating system
  • Browser;
  • Device – mobile or desktop, or specific models;
  • Operator;
  • IP ranges.

Major traffic buyers

Arbitrators, affiliates, other affiliate networks, direct advertisers. By the way, arbitrageurs make up the bulk.

Marketers, by the way, can also use this tool to buy traffic for their and client projects. Best of all, of course, traffic to adult products will be converted. As a rule, advertisers contact a traffic network with a product that is difficult (or forbidden by resource rules) to promote on sites that are familiar to all — social networks, in contextual advertising.

According to the experience of colleagues, advertising for the following offers works well:

  • IT-products – clients, VPN-services;
  • Dating and anchor offers – dating services, webcams;
  • Gambling offers – casinos, trading, bookmakers;
  • Commodity offers – mainly oriented to men.

Advertiser Toolkit

Another point Trafficshop boasts is the tools provided to advertisers.

  • Setting goals through s2s. What will it give you? Well, for example, transferring conversions from all offervoles and trackers;
  • Advanced statistics – down to the source of traffic with its conversions;
  • The ability to run campaigns with multiple URLs is a tool to help you do AB testing;
  • Various advertising formats: popunder, skim traffic, banners and native;
  • The ability to launch direct campaigns on premium sites that are available in the marketplace.


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