TrafficHolder Ad Network Overview


TrafficHolder – Description

Traffic Holder is a foreign exchange founded in 2006. It offers the most favorable conditions for buying and selling traffic. It works with any ‘adult’ theme. The audience today is more than 800 million users per month. Working with Traffic Holder is very convenient. The service has a fairly convenient targeting system, an intuitive interface, a quick guide, the ability to chat with a support service.

The main advantages of Traffic Holder

– Instant deposits and withdrawals;
– The possibility of geo-targeting;
– Ability to set minimum prices;
– A personal testing system to find the appropriate traffic;
– Round-the-clock monitoring and service;
– Black and white lists;
– Collaboration with many payment systems;
– Powerful anti-cheat algorithm.
– Work in automatic mode.

Traffic Holder offers an API for managing sales through a personal server. Service for resellers.

How to make money in Traffic Holder

Traffic Holder accepts only legal ‘adult’ content. We do not accept sites with pop-up, click-under and other annoying ads located on a free hosting with dubious or malicious content like spyware, adware.

To start working with the system, you need to add the URLs of the site from which traffic is planned to be sold for subsequent moderation. Moderation takes several hours, in some cases one working day.


Payments are made upon prior request for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, WebMoney, PayPal, Paxum, Liberty Reverse, Wire Transfer and other payment systems. The application is processed on the same day, sometimes up to 72 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10, for Liberty Reverse – $ 100, bank transfer – $ 1000.

Referral program

Traffic Holder offers a referral program: 5% of the income of each client invited by your link. You can choose from a text link or a “company button” for posting on the site.


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