Traffic.Sape Ad Networks – An Overview


Overview of Traffic.Sape

Traffic.Sape is an advertising platform, a service for collecting and analyzing data, as well as monetizing traffic. Allows you to expand the audience of web resources or increase sales by attracting the target audience. An affiliate program is provided, which becomes available after registration and confirmation of the phone number.

The solution will be useful to advertisers, because it allows you to purchase advertising for a specific target audience. Agencies will be able to comprehensively acquire traffic from different advertising systems and analyze each of them. Publishers are given the opportunity to build advertising networks and monetize various data.

The platform offers all options for Programmatic advertising, including retargeting, video advertising. Each of the projects is planned and optimized, depending on the results of the chosen creative. Based on previous indicators of advertising, the system can predict changes in rates. Every hour, a blacklist of publishers on which suspicious activity has been noticed is updated – this allows you to work safely and without risks. For more accurate ad impressions, a data collection and analysis platform has been implemented. So, segments are created for targeting based on interests, incomes, keywords. It is possible to build a storage and system for collecting data for a specific business. Installation of floor eCPM is provided, as well as setting filters for advertisers, moderation of all creatives.

Key Features

  • Retargeting
  • Video ad
  • Optimization based on previous ad results
  • Blacklist publishers
  • Targeting audience segmentation
  • Affiliate program


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