TOR Corporation – cryptocurrency cloud mining


Features of Tor Corporation

TOR Corporation – TOR cryptocurrency cloud mining. The project uses a unique paramining technology that provides a reward in the form of TOR coins depending on its amount in the wallet. Paramining works in wallets with a balance above 1TOR.

When registering on the TOR Corporation website, each participant will receive 1 TOR bonus, which will allow you to start mining without initial investments. But this is done only with a test purpose. To get real income you will have to purchase TOR.

 Instant translation

TOR coins arrive at the recipient’s account in 1 minute, regardless of the number of simultaneous transactions on the network. Each translation can be accompanied by an encrypted comment, which is visible only to the sender and recipient.


For the security of your funds in TOR wallets, a system has been implemented using one-time passwords via e-mail, 2FA or SMS. TOR Corporation assumes all responsibility for the safety of funds with connected protection via SMS.

Own exchanger

An exchanger is built in the user’s account, where each TOR owner can buy or sell the currency of interest at the market rate. Many payment cards and cryptocurrencies are available for exchange.
The commission for the purchase and sale of coins on the exchange will be only 0.01% per operation.

What is Paramining

TOR uses a system in which each “coin” in the account can be considered as miniature mining rigs. The more coins are contained in the account, the more likely it is that the account will receive the right to create a block. The total ‘reward’ received as a result of the creation of the block represents the amount of transaction fees located within the block

When making any transaction in the wallet, the ParaMining system writes a blockchain containing the value of the number of coins of the wallet owner and the number of coins in the purses of its followers, at this moment new coins are generated to the wallet balance.

The main advantage of Paramining is that no network user can interfere with this mechanism and falsify new coins, all users can in real time monitor the number of coins issued by the system.

Paramining works on a wallet with a balance of over 1TOR and automatically stops when it reaches a balance of 10 million TOR. The rate of extraction of new coins using Paramining is calculated from two main parameters, this is the number of coins in a personal wallet and the number of coins in followers’ wallets up to 595 levels.


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