Top problems new to HYIP


Top problems new to HYIP

It is important if you encounter any of the following or other problems, do not raise the panic in the forums with direct statements of problems or indirectly, for example by asking questions like “is my site not loading?” If the project deceived you, then you still will not achieve anything and will not help anyone, but if not, then you have a chance to withdraw funds or to drown the project yourself into the abyss of SCAM.

Deposit is not displayed

You have made a deposit to the account, and your account still displays a zero balance.

Try to wait 5-10, delays are possible due to the load on the payment system or the specifics of the hype site, which does not update the data instantly.

If money still hasn’t appeared, then the only option is to write to the administrator, it’s better to immediately Pao to all communication channels: the contacts listed on the site, the forums on which the admin posted information about hype, the official hype groups in social networks. If no data is indicated, then try writing to the email [email protected], where instead of you need to substitute the domain name for the hype.

Send the transaction information immediately, which was sent to you by email after the transfer of funds. If you didn’t receive anything by e-mail, then perhaps you didn’t complete the transaction, for example, you didn’t notice that the payment system website generated an error. Check if funds have been debited from the account. Check the transaction history and verify that the transaction is complete.

Money credited to the wrong tariff plan

The most common problem is the carelessness of the investor himself. In addition, some tricky admins specifically rely on inattention, unlike the promo page, directly when investing, they display tariffs to customers in the reverse order, then the longest tariff is the first.

If, however, such a situation has occurred, then the only solution is to write to the administrator in the same way as the previous paragraph. Often admins go to a meeting, because they don’t need an extra negative, and a positive review can play into the hands of attracting new participants.

The application for payment hangs in the pending for a long time

If you ordered a payment, but it does not come and you see the pending status in your account, then one of the following options is possible:

  • The project initially established a manual type of payment, that is, several times a day, the admin manually processes applications. If the previous payment was made faster, perhaps you just got right right before processing the next batch of applications. Reread the rules, perhaps the declared payout period is longer than you expected.
  • Perhaps the payment system has some problems and technical work. Go to the site of the payment system and make sure that it is working properly and there are no news or announcements of technical works on it. Also, if this is a planned work, then a notice of work could be sent to your email. Even if there is no information, wait a couple more hours, it may appear after the end of the work in the form of a letter or it may not just be repaired without notice.
  •  If the project has an instant payment and suddenly the payments began to go into pending status for more than a couple of minutes, try to cancel the application, if possible, and create a new application for withdrawal.
  • Take a look at the project branch on the forum, maybe there is a notification about insufficient funds in the wallet for payments (and we remember that the project may have several wallets for greater security)
  • Make sure that the rules of the project do not indicate restrictions on the amount of withdrawal or on the number of payments, for example per day. Perhaps you have already exceeded the limit with previous withdrawals, and the application will be processed later.

If the transaction did go through, try to get the maximum out of the hype as quickly as possible, since problems with payments quickly accumulate in a panic and, as a result, in SCAM.

Large amount investment

Firstly, never invest in a project more than a tenth of the total capital that you have allocated for playing HYIP. Even if the most reliable, high-quality, hyped hype with the best conditions, guarantees and so on. Never!

The risks in HYIPs are very large and deep diversification is the most important and basic principle of investing in HYIPs.

Secondly, never invest too much in one project, that is, from $ 1,000 and above. The greed of hype admins can then force them to block your account, and possibly close the project if the administrator is some kind of schoolboy for whom a couple of thousand dollars is a lot of money.

Thirdly, no matter how much you invest in hype, say goodbye to this money. Be 110% ready to lose them.

Hyp site is not loaded

If the site does not load, this is a very bad sign, but it is not always a SCAM project. Technical work is possible with the provider, which someday will end, domain blocking, after which the site will continue to work on the new domain, DDoS attack and other problems.


  1. Refresh the page
  2. Clear the cache and cookies in the browser and refresh the page.
  3. Try to open it in another browser, and even better from another computer and Internet provider (you probably have Internet access from your mobile phone)
  4. Make sure that you generally have the Internet and other sites open
  5. Wait a couple of hours or a day and try to open the site

Wallet specified with error or not specified at all

Try to go to your personal account in the settings section, probably there is an opportunity to specify another wallet.

If this is not possible (this is often done in order to protect investors, so that when hacking their account, hackers could not change the wallet to their own), then you need to write the project admin. Best of all, if you write with the email that you indicated during registration that will confirm that you are the owner of the account.

Error: not enough money to withdraw

Make sure that the money in the account is really enough. Perhaps you are trying to withdraw funds that are indicated as invested, but not available, and you must wait until the end of the tariff plan or the first payment of interest.

Make sure also that the project has no restrictions on the minimum withdrawal and you have not indicated an amount less than the minimum.

If you specify not an integer number of dollars, but dollars with cents separated by a period or comma, try changing the period to a comma or vice versa. Usually the same option is used as for displaying the amount available for withdrawal, but exceptions are possible.

Some programming languages ​​and mathematical libraries used have features when calculating mathematical operations during which integers are represented as fractional periodic, that is, 0.999999 may appear instead of 1. This is not a big problem, just try to withdraw 1 cent less than the “available” amount, it usually works.

There are no accruals or they are not available for conclusions

Carefully read the terms of the tariff plans and the hype rules. It often happens. That interest is charged to the account in the form of a non-deductible amount, which is only unlocked after the end of the tariff plan. That is, the numbers are only for seed, to show investors how “money is made quickly and easily,’ in order to motivate them to invest more.

If there are no accruals, then make sure that you have correctly understood the conditions and accruals are made exactly with the period that you expect, that is, every hour (hourly), once a day (daily) or at the end of the entire deposit term (after).

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