Top 15 Newbie Hype Mistakes


A list of 15 basic mistakes newbies make

 Error number 1. Believe in legends. One of the most common mistakes. You should not pay attention to legends in HYIPs, it is impossible to verify their reality anyway. Treat HYIPs as a game – this is the most correct approach.

Mistake 2. Long term of work means the project is reliable. HYIPs that pay 2 years each are undoubtedly high-quality and have a competent admin at the helm, but this does not mean at all that hype is reliable for investment. On the contrary, the longer the project runs, the higher the risks.

Mistake 3. Pull with a contribution. A closer look at the project is a necessary thing, but it should not be stretched for months. If you liked the project, observe its work for a while and make a clear decision to invest or not.

Mistake number 4. Investing large amounts in one project. Upon learning that the project pays, the beginner invests all the money that is in the wallet. “Why make small investments if you can invest more, and therefore earn more?” He thinks. And this mistake can turn his savings into zero. Do not invest all in one HYIP, select 4-5 or more worthy projects, and distribute funds between them.

Error No. 5. No attention is paid to safety. Use different mailboxes for payment systems and for hypes. When breaking the box on which the wallet is registered, you can easily recover the password from the payment system and withdraw money. Use different passwords in all projects.

Mistake number 6. Exchange of electronic currencies at unknown sites. You are a beginner and registered in a hype, you want to replenish your account, but you had no business with the Perfect Money payment system before. You start looking for an exchanger and there is a chance that you will come across scammers. Exchange funds only in reliable and trusted services.

 Error No. 7. Permanent reinvest. No need to wait until $ 100 turns into $ 400 – always withdraw interest. If you nevertheless reinvested and your contribution doubled, withdraw it and a little profit from above, and you can leave the rest in the project. Thus, you no longer risk your deposit, and the money remaining in the account will still bring you profit.

Mistake number 8. I’ll accumulate money, and then I will withdraw everything at once. Firstly, until you decide to withdraw “all at once”, a hype may stop making payments, therefore it is important to withdraw profit as often as possible. And secondly, hype do not like to part with large sums – it is better to withdraw money in parts.

Error No. 9. Believe the words of admins. News about a large influx of deposits, the rapid growth of the investment system, high-profile victories and serious successes of the company – all this is aimed at getting new deposits. Do not believe the admins, they always lie 🙂

Error No. 10. Credit money investing. You do remember the main rule of the investor: “do not invest those funds that you cannot afford to lose”? Whatever the project, such undertakings usually end in nothing good. Yes, maybe your acquaintance successfully turned credit funds in a hype and earned, but not the fact that you are also lucky.

Error No. 11. The choice of the longest plans. Or, as they are also called, plan-traps. In most cases, while you wait for the increase of funds on such plans, the project will already close. Do not get fooled by hundreds and thousands of percent on long plans – all the same, you will not get them. A proverb fits here: ‘a titmouse is better in the hands than a crane in the sky.’ Go to shorter plans, the chance to make money on such plans is many times higher than on long-term ones.

Error No. 12. Believe suckers. Suckers are people who, knowing the real picture of hype, talk about it as a perfect risk-free tool. The mountains can promise the profits and years of the project, if only a person invested. They can even call in chipped projects. All that suckers do is mislead people. Their main goal is to get referrals at all costs. As a rule, they write themselves and annoyingly try to call Skype to talk about a “super reliable investment company”. Before going after a person, see if he warns about the risks, whether he writes the truth or is scattered with “guarantees” and urges all charges to reinvest.

Error No. 13. The higher the percentage, the cooler. Often, newcomers think, “why will I invest at 1% per day, here is a project, it charges 10% (20, 30) per day, it’s better to invest in it – I’ll earn more and faster.” And here lies a big mistake, because the higher the interest, the shorter the project life and the higher the risks. For example, there are projects that charge 100% per day, only no one can withdraw these percentages 🙂 In projects with an income of 10% per day and above, rarely anyone earns, except for admins. More often than not, average interest-bearing hyps give a plus, therefore on the blog there are mainly such projects.

Error No. 14. Trust statistics on deposits, payments and term of work. It is not uncommon when statistics are displayed on the hype website in the most prominent place, proudly announcing the launch date, the amount of deposits and payments of participants. The newcomer thinks: “since people invest and withdraw large amounts, I will follow their example.” But in fact, all these investments and conclusions may not exist – the admin simply draws the numbers in the statistics to attract inexperienced players. The same thing with the launch date – do not look at what is written on the site, supposedly hyip works for 1000 days, with a high degree of probability this is a hoax.

Error No. 15. General naivety. Some beginners have the trait to believe that the project they found, it is he who is incredibly cool and it is in him that they will be enriched. If you tell beginners the opposite, then they are offended and say that you have not studied the project enough, think narrowly and do not understand anything. Usually we are talking about projects with an MLM component, where administrators try to sell shares, “packages” or just air to the participants.
And in the beginner’s head, similar thoughts arise:

“You are lucky guy! Do not listen to these skeptics who do not believe in anything, let them earn their worthless hundreds of dollars further. You are lucky, here you will earn tens of thousands of dollars! Do not listen to what old-timers say! They are too pessimistic, do not even try to make out your diamond. Take a chance and don’t believe anyone’s advice! ” Well, how does it end, I think everyone understands.

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