TOP 11 changes in HYIPs


Changes in hyps

HYIPs, like many other types of earnings on the Internet, have changed over time. Previously, they were more reliable, poorly equipped and had mostly low returns. For example, a return of over 18% per month a year ago was considered huge, while now 16-60% per month are medium-income highs. Let’s take a look at the points of what has changed and what has remained relevant in recent times in HYIPs.

Lost relevance

Many things have lost their relevance.

1. Inclusion of the body of the deposit in payments
For example, the project offers you 20% of the net profit in 10 days and the deposit is included in the payments, therefore you receive 12% per day, until you reach 120% of the profit with the ability to withdraw% every day. If earlier this tariff plan was considered the most reliable, then in connection with the latest scams of similar projects, I do not see much difference between tariffs with the body included in payments and with the return of the deposit body at the end of the term. A tariff plan where a deposit is not included in payments is also not safe.

2. Social project
“Social projects” or “mutual assistance cash desks” is the trend of the end of 2015. The legend is that the money is not stored by the project administrator, but by the custodians – which, if desired, can be each member of the hype. In fact, funds from admins to custodians passed poorly and most projects did not go a single circle.

3. Greenbar
The green bar is no longer an indicator that the project has been done for years, as you can simply buy it. The issue price is approximately $ 500. Although its presence suggests that this is most likely not a “school-hype”.

4. The system of lots in highs
Here I will say simply – the last hyips with the lot system did a poor job.

5. Dubai
Legends associated with Dubai (auto \\ real estate), legends with Forex are not as interesting to people as half a year ago, and the flow of funds into them has dropped significantly.

6. Payment systems
If previously it was considered a plus of the project, when there are a lot of payment systems in HYIPs, now the presence of such systems as Qiwi and YandexMoney can be attributed to – since at the most inopportune moment they can block funds, which will lead to scam.

Acquired relevance

These things have become relevant no matter how.

7. Admin !!!
In connection with numerous scams recently, I consider this point the most important. It is necessary to learn how to find those admins who have already had successful projects in the past that have worked for more than 1 round. In your portfolio, it is better to have up to 80% of such admins, and about 20% of new admins, as they can ‘shoot’.

An important note, the foreign admin is almost always better than the domestic one, recent projects clearly show this.

8. The legend
Half a year ago, I practically did not pay attention to it (the technical side was much more interesting). However, now, investors have become smarter and leaner, respectively, need hype with the original legend. I believe that there is a future for hypes with documented and / or screenshots of real activities and a beautiful legend.

9. Technical side
Hipes should have a stable system of protection against Ddos attacks, a dedicated server, and preferably a self-written script. Green Bar is a plus.

10. Design and advertising
The design should be unique and pleasing to the eye. Advertising is measured and smooth. Powerful hype advertising and promotions much later than the start of the project is a sign of impending scam.

11. Multilingualism
Multilingualism (more than 2 languages ​​on the site), Skype chat (several are better) and open communication of the admin in it, documentation and support service means that you have worked hard on the site and be sure that it will not close at startup.

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