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Project TkeyCoin

TkeyCoin is a new cryptocurrency from Russian developers, which has been actively advertised on the network for the past 10 months. Initially, the project did not belong to the competence of our site, since we write reviews only about MLM and HYIP companies, but in July 2019 TkeyCoin introduced a partnership becoming a full-fledged HIYP project.

This review of TkeyCoin on our website is important for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, TkeyCoin is positioned as a full-fledged hype project. Now, without problems, you can find articles that buying TkeyCoin for $ 1 now you can sell it for 400+ dollars in 1-2 years.
  • Secondly, TkeyCoin has a number of signs of divorce, fraud and fraud. Although, in principle, such signs are inherent in many cryptocurrencies at the ICO stage, but TkeyCoin negatively stands out even among frankly low-quality projects.
  • Thirdly, TkeyCoin cryptocurrency promotion methods also leave much to be desired.

In general, this review about TkeyCoin, as well as more than a dozen news articles, links to which you will find in the middle of the article, will help you understand this project and not lose money. Although I think that interest in TkeyCoin after the cancellation of the listing on Bitforex will subside and soon everyone will forget about it.

Cryptocurrency TkeyCoin

The official TkeyCoin website is located at There you can find all the necessary information, in particular:

  • TkeyCoin and White Paper Documentation (Development Plans)
  • Cryptocurrency wallets for TkeyCoin
  • Links to articles about the project in popular media
  • As well as the possibility of buying and selling TkeyCoin and release information on the EXMO exchange (listing has been canceled)

For me, getting to know the official TkeyCoin website ended up reading the information that TkeyCoin is better than Bitcoin, since TkeyCoin cannot be hacked unlike the first cryptocurrency. Given that Bitcoin has never been hacked, then reading did not make sense.

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