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TizerBox Advertising Network Overview

TIZERBOX is a teaser network for web resources with adult content. Launched in the 2010th year. Traffic is bought from Russia, the CIS, partly from Europe and the USA. They work according to the pay per click scheme. The cost of a click is formed by the auction principle. All device types are supported. Provide secure asynchronous code with lock protection. Automatic selection of teasers provides high CTR. It is possible to park your own domain; Https supported. You can share clicks with other members.

Key Benefits for Advertisers

For advertisers who want to significantly increase the flow of customers to their product offerings or services, the network offers real visitors at a reasonable price per click.

In addition, the network:

– Monitors the quality of traffic, preventing the transition of bot programs and auto-clicks.
– Generates black and white lists during each of your advertising dripping.
– Offers to participate in the auction-buyback of the second and each next transition (click).
– It makes it possible to configure targeting according to the most convenient parameters for the advertiser.
– Allows you to track all clicks. The client sees the number of clicks with a detailed description for each of them.
– Provides consultations, if necessary, when starting an advertising company. Detailed instructions in your account.

The benefits of working with TizerBox

Webmasters offers:

– Favorable payment by clicks in comparison with competitors working in this direction.
– Automatic selection of teasers and, as a result, high CTR blocks.
– Technical support on all issues of work in the system.
– Customization of ad units.
– The use of a click exchange system between affiliate program participants.
– Additional income from a range of individual bonus programs.
– Display advertisements from the domain of your site.

The teaser network has special requirements for affiliate sites. We accept for cooperation sites hosted on a paid hosting with allowed text, audio and video content. Venues with scenes of violence, propaganda, Nazi paraphernalia and other actions that violate the laws of the Russian Federation are not allowed. The network also prohibits the use of motivational buttons to navigate through ad units or options that mislead the user. For example, ‘Help on the site’ and others. Installing programs with a similar action is also prohibited. The system receives traffic from the CIS countries, Russia, the USA and some European countries. The number of visitors is not less than 5000 people per day, during the last month. To verify the previously specified data, the administrator will necessarily request a password from the statistics of your resource. Doorway also accepted. To participate in the monetization of the door should be with open traffic and have a certain category.

How to start earning

By becoming a partner, you can be both an advertiser and a webmaster at the same time.
You can add your site in your personal account – just go to the tab ‘Webmaster’, then ‘Sites’ and add ‘New site’.

You can find ad units in the section of the same name by clicking the ‘New block’ option. After receiving the link, install it on your site.
The system recommends setting no more than 30% of the advertising content on the current page. Otherwise, your site may fall under the search engine filter.
Generated links can always be edited. New settings take effect after 10 minutes.

Referral system

The service offers partnerships to both the advertiser and the webmaster. Promises generous deductions for attracting referrals. The minimum rate is 10%.

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