ThunderCore (TT): cryptocurrency review


What is a ThunderToken

ThunderToken is the base token for the ThunderCore blockchain. ThunderCore is a fast, high-performance Ethereum-compatible, open-source blockchain, which means it uses the same language and a fully decentralized trust toolkit that provides scalability for decentralized applications – with higher throughput, faster confirmation time, and lower costs. . It is significantly cheaper and faster than Ethereum. The technology opens up many potential applications. ThunderToken for the ThunderCore network is the same as Eth for the Ethereum network. ThunderToken will be used to pay gas fees on the ThunderCore network.

How it works

The Thunder protocol (based on the Thunderella protocol) was developed by professors Cornell Rafael Pass and Elaine Shea based on years of research. Each step of the protocol is fully indicated and supported by mathematical evidence. ThunderCore uses a hybrid consensus mechanism with standard Ethereum (“slow path”) and optimized “fast path”. Soon, a committee formed by consensus nodes will complete one round of voting to confirm transactions in less than a second. Accelerators – reliable, resistant to DDoS-distributed systems – coordinate a network of coordinated nodes. Users do not need to trust either accelerators or consensus nodes; They only need to trust an honest majority. As long as the accelerators act honestly, the network is in good condition, and 3/4 of the committee members are honest, transactions will always occur quickly. However, in the worst case scenario, when none of the above conditions are met, the system will return to a slow path and slow down to the speed of a traditional blockchain such as Ethereum. Therefore, in this unlikely scenario, when the vote fails, the protocol automatically continues to work using the standard block chain until the problem is fixed.

What is the ThunderToken committed to solving

ThunderCore’s goal is to solve the scalability issues of existing blockchains, especially Ethereum. He hopes to solve this problem by allowing users and developers to stick with existing tools (MetaMask), dev-ops tools (Truffle), and programming languages ​​(Solidity) that they are used to.

What are the features of ThunderToken

  • Scalable:
    High throughput: 1000+ TPS in Testnet for Ethereum smart contracts Fast, almost instant confirmation: lock confirmation time in seconds
  • Cheap
    Low cost of gas: subcentral transaction cost Low redistribution cost: full Ethereum compatibility
  • EVM compatible
    Fully compatible with Ethereum Smart Contract and its tool chain Easy migration: no changes to the source code required, just change RPC to Thunder
  • Consensus
    Variable Committee PoS Hundreds of voting nodes running on public Testnet. The optimal committee size is selected based on research


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