Theta Network (THETA): cryptocurrency review


Theta Network (THETA)

The idea of ​​Theta Network idea is to maximize or absolutely provide the possibility of video hosting and streaming video services, to support high-resolution broadcasts (4k, 8k and more). Having created a decentralized service that will be able to do this function.

Further, in order to present even more advantages and increase demand, Theta team will launch a reward system for users, as well as creators of video content, and the THETA token will act as an incentive.

The incentive program will involve content creators (bloggers who record videos), node holders where the video will be stored (a node is a computer connected to the blockchain network) and advertisers who buy advertising from streamers.

The speed of this system will be ensured precisely by the holders of the nodes, i.e. those users who will provide their computing power in order to increase the processing of cache data, i.e. create a high-speed level of material transfer, again thanks to the blockchain network.

Without loading you with unnecessary information, we want to summarize and say the following: we believe that the world of users needs this resource, which Theta Network wants to provide us with. This opportunity is to solve a simple and convenient issue of organization between the creators (authors) of video content and advertisers, who actually stimulate the creation of this content.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the “third parties” factor will go away, that is, intermediaries who request quite small amounts for posting video material on their hosting, without always providing the proper quality of service.

In the future, the Theta project plans to reach a higher level and expand the range of services, namely television broadcasting, live broadcasts from anywhere in the world, and much more.

Imagine how much this technology will gain over time, when more and more serious computers appear. Especially ahead of us is a large-scale transition to a virtual reality environment, which will require incredibly powerful computing systems to provide high-quality communication with this environment and its optimization. It is likely that Theta Network will be able to solve this problem.

Mining Theta Network (THETA)

THETA cryptocurrency mining is available on the Silver Tv platform and for this you only need a personal computer and the desire to stream, there is also the possibility of mining without your presence.

If you do not speak English at least at the intermediate level, then it will not be easy to understand, since the platform has its own rules and regulations for which THETA tokens will be charged, and we did not find any streams in Russian there.

About mining by means of computing power, we did not find information either on the official website, or in WhitePaper, or on the Internet – we conclude that it does not exist. (If you have other information, please write to us to amend the article).

There are a couple of old videos on YouTube from American enthusiasts, you can watch them.

If you are really interested in mining this crypto, write to us by mail and we will try to help you in this matter.

Theta Network History

In 2015, the platform was founded. Further, the project was well funded, and meanwhile, a video streaming transfer platform was launched. In 2017, the closed sale of THETA tokens started. In the same year, tokens were integrated into the platform.

Speaking about the Theta Network team, it includes specialists in the field of streaming broadcasting with experience of more than 30 years, as well as highly qualified employees in the field of blockchain technology, digital assets, strategic and technological advancement. Their team can be found on the official website in the TEAM section.

Among the partners you can notice such big names as Samsung and Sony, and among advisers such personalities as Steven Chen, co-founder of YouTube and Justin Chan, co-founder of Twitch.

The ICO ended on January 4, 2018 and the project managed to raise the planned amount of $ 20,000,000. The initial cost of the THETA token was $ 0.1117

A total of 750 million coins were issued.

According to CoinMarketCap, THETA cryptocurrency was listed on 01/17/2018 and the initial price was $ 0.15

THETA Token Storage

You can store the THETA token, which is based on the ERC-20 standard platform, on the following wallets:

Online Wallets:

  • Metamask
  • MyEtherWallet

Mobile Vallet:

  • Imtoken

Hardware Wallets:

  • Ledger Nano S, KeepKey, Trezor.

There is also an official THETA wallet. You will find him here.


Cryptocurrency analysts consider Theta Token platform a serious project that can compete with YouTube in a few years. The developers have the support of, the audience of which will be the first Theta Token customers.

A fully working prototype will not appear until the end of 2019. However, there is no guarantee that the Theta Token team will be able to finish all work on time. Scaling will begin no earlier than 2020. This is too long a process, since there are more advanced projects in this direction. For example, Viuly (VIU).

Now Theta token costs a few cents and looks like a promising investment option. However, everything will change if developers delay the launch of the platform or competitors release a more advanced product. In this case, investors will lose the invested funds.

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