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Cryptocurrency exchange The Rock Trading

Great experience, reliability of the site and openness of the team cannot guarantee the success of the project. A vivid example is the The Rock Trading cryptocurrency exchange. It possesses the necessary qualities for a successful trading platform, but at the same time can not reach the level of the largest cryptocurrency services.

The company was founded back in 20007. Then she had a different profile – virtual insurance, and was one of the first in this market. With the advent of bitcoin, the administration decided to change the vector of development. In 2010, the name The Rock Trading appeared. Two divisions were also created: for asset management and their exchange.

In June 2011, the first Bitcoin transaction was concluded on the site. This allowed the company to become one of the first Bitcoin trading services. Over time, the list of cryptocurrencies has been expanded.

In 2013, the company received a license from a limited liability company with registration in Malta. At the origins of the project are Andrea Medri and Davide Barbieri. They still hold CFO and CTO positions respectively.

The cryptocurrency exchange has two partners. Jumio provides customer verification, and GreenAddress provides a wallet service for secure storage of funds and fast transactions.

In 2018, the site changed its registration and moved from the jurisdiction of Malta to Italy.

The domain is registered on 01.25.2011. The site has two language versions:

  • English
  • Italian.

The administration does not hide information about itself, its project, terms of trade, innovations and publishes it on the official website of The Rock Trading.

According to similarweb, up to 100,000 people visit the exchange website per month. Most traders from Italy are 66%. Also quite a lot of users from Vietnam – 8.5%. Residents of other countries barely reach 3%.

Registration and entrance to The Rock Trading

When registering, you must specify:

  • Login;
  • Email
  • Password;

It is additionally indicated whether the new user is a politically significant person and resident of the United States. If there is a reflink, then it also needs to be entered. In its absence, the registration fee is 100 euros. Therefore, by registering, you will receive a negative account balance. In exchange, the user will receive a monthly discount of 90% on the commission from trading operations paired with the euro.

To complete the registration you need to click on the link in the letter that will come to the specified email.


Identity verification is necessary only for traders planning to deposit / withdraw fiat. To do this, go to My Personal Data – Verification in the profile. First, indicate the type of account (private or company), then the name, surname, date of birth, nationality, tax code, address, type of identity document, its number, date of issue and expiration.

The next step is to send scans confirming personal information and registration.

 Input and output

All deposits are free. You can withdraw euros through the SEPA payment system with a commission:

  • Transactions up to € 1000 – € 1.5;
  • Transactions over € 1000 – € 2.5;
  • Transactions over € 100k – 0.1%.

When withdrawing cryptocurrencies, a fixed fee is held:

  • Bitcoin – 0.0001 BTC or 0.0003 BTC (high priority);
  • Bitcoin cache – 0.0005 BCH;
  • Peercoin – 0.02 PPC;
  • Ether and Zcash – 0.001 ETH / ZEC;
  • Lightcoin – 0.002 LTC, etc.

Ripple and Friendz cashouts are charged 0.05% and 0.01%, respectively.


In total, the platform supports 14 trading pairs. The average total daily volume is $ 270k (33 BTC). Most popular markets:

  • FDZ / ETH – $ 76k;
  • BTC / EUR – $ 69k;
  • ETH / EUR – $ 40k;
  • ZEC / EUR – $ 32k;
  • LTC / EUR – $ 12k.

The commission of the maker is 0.02%, and the taker is 0.2%. Depending on the trading volume of a trader in a certain currency over the past 30 days, he can get a discount of up to 90%.

When moving to a trading terminal, a user must first select a trading pair. For each, current purchase / sale offers, the last price, rate changes and when the last deal was concluded are displayed.

The course dynamics chart is provided by the Trading View service, therefore, traders have all the necessary tools for professional trading. The application can be chosen from those proposed in a glass or create your own. Beginners are better off choosing the Simple format. For more experienced – Intermediate, and for professionals who trade with leverage – Advanced.

Types of Orders

The following orders are available on the exchange:

  • By limit;
  • By market;
  • Stop Loss
  • Take profit.

Margin trading with leverage up to 1: 5 in the pair BTC / EUR and 1: 3 in ETH / EUR and ETH / BTC is also supported.

Affiliate program

There is a non-standard affiliate program on the exchange. Affiliate program allows a new trader not to pay 100 euros at registration. But at the same time, the person who provided this link will not have any preferences. Therefore, here the affiliate program works in the opposite direction – referrals themselves are looking for users with an account on The Rock Trading.


In order to increase the security level of your account, it is recommended to enable two-factor authentication. It is also worth setting a PIN to confirm all transactions for withdrawing funds and currency exchange transactions. Additionally, an email alert is issued in the account settings about all deposits, withdrawals, open transactions, etc.

Additional functions

For a quick purchase of cryptocurrencies for euros, there is a FastLane section on the site. Recently, the functionality of this service has been expanded. The option of quick asset conversion has been added to it. The commission is 2% of the amount.



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