The project asked who is to blame and what to do


Scam project

Approximately such phrases sound after the scam of the next project. Let’s sort this out.

I noticed that when the popular hype project closes, a lot of newcomers, whom their sponsors did not explain about the risks and the principle of how hype work, are looking for information about the closed project in search engines. Upon request, they find my blog and ask in the comments the questions: “what to do?”, “How to withdraw money?”, “But this is a serious company, they couldn’t close” and stuff like that. And these issues may continue for several weeks, or even months. That is, the project has not been paying for a long time, but people continue to wait.

So I decided to devote a separate article to this topic. Perhaps the beginners will not like her directness, but this is better than the sweet lie that the newcomers MLMSchiki sing. Eradicate naivety in the bud!

Answers to popular questions

 1. But how, here is an official company with licenses, there were presentations, there were offices, they were engaged in real activities, couldn’t they just stop working ?!

They could! The fact that the project is officially registered, holds presentations and is supposedly engaged in real activities, does not negate the fact that sooner or later it will stop paying. This is all part of the legend – a tale about where investor funds work. I recommend reading a detailed article about the legends in hype.

2. And the admin / sponsor / tech support / consultant writes that everything is fine, soon there will be news and payments will go!

Of course they will! Only admin in your pocket from deposits of newcomers who came after scam. But investors will not be paid. And if it does, then it’s very little to show “look, we pay again”.
The admin is likely to launch the “top up balance and get a + 20% (30, 40, 50) bonus” promotion. Or “create a new deposit and payments on old deposits will be restored.” There may be completely different promotions and promises, but their goal is the same – to cut off more money after scam. Among the hypers, this is called add.

The saddest thing is that a beginner prefers to believe the admin on the site than an experienced investor. Scam here! Do not believe what administrators write, they always lie, and their goal is for you to make a new contribution. Believe what bloggers who have seen hundreds and thousands of projects write. After all, the scam of one project is not much different from another, only the actors and the text change.

3. Everything will be fine, you just have to wait, I BELIEVE in the project and you need to believe!

Stop believing in fairy tales, only zombies believe and pray on a project! There are only 2 options: either the project pays or does not pay (scam). If the second option, then forget about the project and move on. Otherwise, you can sit for almost a year and wait until it reaches that the hype has completed the work.

4. Yes, earlier the project paid instantly, but the time limit is 7 days. We wait!

And if 365 days are written in the regulations, will you wait too? If earlier the project paid instantly, and then suddenly the payments stopped and begin to refer to the regulations, then everything is 99% that the work with the project is over.

5. The project stopped paying, how to withdraw money?

Many newcomers expect in return to receive some kind of secret method, a way to get money after scam. But I will disappoint you, there is no such method. In turn, scammers are not asleep and can offer one such “method”, for example, hacking the admin wallet and returning your investment for a fee. I will not say anything about the complete absurdity of such a proposal 🙂 I will only say one thing: most likely, before the payment was completely stopped, the admin removed everything from the project’s wallet.
So how to withdraw money? From this project – no way.

6. But these people are paid, but not to me – what is wrong with me?

This is called selective payouts. As a rule, they pay to those who bring referrals, or to those who have made a new contribution. But do not rush to make a new deposit, most likely a minus will also be added to your old minus on the new deposit, because selective payments are very short.

And remember those rats who attract people to a problematic project, hang noodles about “temporary problems”, treat their brains with the phrases “here is a serious company, everything will be restored” and never go to projects with them – you will not earn money with such sponsors. They are paid to continue calling people into a problematic project. They are well aware that the people involved will remain in the red, but for the sake of paying out their deposits, they are ready to take this step.
Most importantly, ordinary investors are not paid. And if the project does not pay someone, then soon it will not pay anyone at all.

7. If there is one scammer around, why invest?

Our task is to make money for the period while the project pays. If the project is strong and the administrators are normal, this period can be long, and during this time we can manage to raise money well. The project, due to which you were on my blog, did it give money to those who came at the start? Most likely I gave it, you just ended up in it late.

Who’s guilty

I often see that people begin to scold the admin, who gave a good opportunity to earn money, but at the same time they are silent about the admins, who did not allow anyone to go plus. If the admin of your project didn’t let anyone earn money (or practically no one), you can scold him. But if this is not so, then there is no one to blame but yourself.

If you were promised that you would definitely earn money, if you were silent about the risks, then you fell into the hook of a sucker. Who are the suckers you can read here closer to the middle of the article. Avoid such people. But if you were warned about the risks, you don’t need to blame your invitation – since you entered the project, you accepted all the “rules of the game.’

Or maybe you yourself?
All attempts to shift responsibility to someone do not change the main thing – the result. If you left the invested in the scam, then you can blame the administrator or sponsor, investors or anyone for a long time, but the fact of loss will not change. So there is no point in finding the guilty.
As long as people blame others for their failures, they will continue to fall. So, it remains only to responsibly and wisely approach participation in HYIPs.

What to do

Do not believe in fairy tales and do not wait for payments after scam – some participants lost, while others won. As much as you would not want to, try to forget about the project that is closing. Well, then decide whether to quit participating in investment projects and leave as a loser, or learn how to profit from this type of investment.

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