The basic principles of choosing hyps


How to choose a long-term project

If at least someone knew how to predict the future with reliable accuracy, he would undoubtedly be able to enrich himself on contributions to HYIPs. Unfortunately, we are deprived of this opportunity, and we can only make forecasts and carefully analyze the project in which we want to invest. Since contributions to HYIP projects is a rather risky activity, potential investors can only select investment projects according to the basic principles, which we will now discuss.

Pay attention to the interest rate that hype offers. They promise an excessively high profitability and a long life? Agree, this does not inspire confidence. That is why only low-profit and, in some cases, medium-income projects can be analyzed.

Even if you do not plan to participate in the affiliate program, be sure to study its conditions. If referral deductions exceed the conditional 20%, then this may become the main reason for the abrupt start and the same abrupt closure of the project.

Hype age is no less important factor of choice. If the project has been working for a long time, then a downward trend may be observed. And, on the contrary, the promotion of newly opened projects can come with a creak, which increases the risk of scam.

HYIP project site

Find a few hyps and just compare their design. The design of one project can inspire much more credibility than another. In this case, the main factor in choosing a hype is the presence of an individual, professional design. If you see that the design project is drawn according to all the canons of Runet of the zero years, then feel free to discard it.

In addition, pay attention to the information content of the resource. As a rule, this should be not only the button “Invest money and get interest”, but also other pages – for example, about the company, legend, FAQ, profitability calculator and others.

Voice of the people

Feedback about hype will help to form a holistic opinion about the project. As practice shows, while the project consistently pays funds to investors, it is still quite viable. The appearance of the first negative reviews can already be called the first ‘wake-up call.’

Always draw a parallel between the number of reviews. If you searched the entire Internet, but didn’t find any feedback on the project, this may indicate the absence of hype popularity among investors.

Partners and Advertising

The main factor in the active development of any hype is to attract new investors. This is the reason that from the very beginning of its development, all projects pay special attention to the referral program, whose participants bring new users for a fee. Such a strategy makes it possible to significantly reduce advertising costs, and to attract the flows of new participants, thereby expanding the financial capabilities of the project.

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