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TerraLeads Review

TerraLeads is an affiliate program (and the world’s first CPA Hub) from a direct advertiser that specializes in monetizing traffic in Europe.
TerraLeads specializes in beauty, diet, health and adult products. At present, the company is represented in 14 European countries, each of which has its own call centers working 24/7 with multilingual support. Due to the location of warehouses in each country, the delivery of goods takes up to 3 days.

The company positions itself as a CPA Hub. Affiliate offers are products for weight loss, health and beauty products, products for adults. All products offered are legal and of high quality. The goal of the conversion is a confirmed order.
The following CPA indicators are achievable on quality traffic:

  • Conversion on landings and prelendings 7-13%;
  • The average level of approve is 60%.

COD and other TerraLeads features

Reading reviews of affiliates who work on the COD model, you can see that sometimes they call from the CC a few days after the order or do not call back at all. And in such situations, arbitrators do not receive their deductions.

In TerraLeads KC works promptly, the operators immediately call back to customers and after confirming the order by phone, the partner receives his share.

The cabinet on the site is made clear. On the left is a convenient, working menu and statistics are immediately displayed. On the right are the contacts of a personal manager with whom you can contact by mail, soap or write in a cart. Below are the Top Offers, with more than 50% upgrade.

Walking through the offers, we saw that there are already several new GEOs of Asia openly available – Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Also, Deeper and ‘magnifiers’, in principle, are excellent in Asia. If you want to pour on bourgeois or Asia, be sure to consider this affiliate program.

How much can you earn?
The price for the lead starts at $ 9. The maximum you can get is $ 25.
In addition to direct partner deductions, there is a bonus program.

Benefits Terraleads

  • Quality, verified offers;
  • Landings with a high envelope;
  • A necessary set of tools for tracking traffic and optimizing the envelope;
  • Bonus program for partners;
  • Responsive and prompt technical support.


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