TERABOX – Doubtful Cloud Mining Company



With Terabox, users can simply and efficiently mine bitcoins on cloud equipment. On the company side are reasonable prices and a free trial period, as well as convenient monitoring tools. Here, the client can take advantage of all the benefits of cloud mining over mining on their hardware. There is no hassle with delivery, there are no side effects – such as noise and heat generation, and there is no need to worry about timely equipment upgrades – this is the responsibility of the landlord. Of course, at an additional cost.

Everything is so, but the above can be attributed to any of the many similar servers. Then why Terabox? What does the company offer potential users to choose it? Terabox began to sell cloud mining contracts in 2014 – by the standards of this market for a long time. And for all this time, not so much was learned about the company. Here on the website (section About the Company) such neat sections with equipment are shown, but the equipment itself is not in the image.


For registration, users provide standard data and immediately receive an account. Then they buy hash resources for cloud mining of bitcoins, after which they begin to earn income. Then you can decide whether to leave profit in the account or reinvest in a new portion of the hash resource.

A price that is really close to the minimum is guaranteed – this is achieved through constant careful monitoring of market events and the willingness to respond flexibly to them in the right direction. It is important that it is easy for the client to constantly be in the know – the personal account is very convenient and shows all the dynamics in real time.

However, Terabox does not give users the opportunity to choose cloud pools themselves (just watch), and explains this by the fact that the company itself always chooses the most profitable pool – thanks to the programs developed by it.

Contracts with customers automatically expire after 5 years. Up to this point, the client can use the unique opportunity to resell the contract back to the company. The terms of such resale depend on the frequency of payment of profits provided in the contract. Manual contracts can be sold back at any time. Contracts with a weekly payment must ‘wait’ 60 days, and contracts with a daily payment – 90 days

There is a mechanism to encourage the attraction of new customers. Terabox receives 10% of the amount paid by this new client for the hash resource for the attracted new client.

As a means of payment, the company accepts only bitcoins. No credit cards, transfers or alternative tools like PayPal.


The user can see prices in the contract only after registering with Terabox.

You can buy portions of the hash resource from 1 GHz / s to 600 000 GHz / s. Tariffs depend on the frequency of payment of profit to the client. The less often the payment, the cheaper the contract. For a contract for a hash resource with a capacity of 1000 GHz / s, the price will be from 0.11 Bitcoins (BTK) to 0.16 BTK. A contract with a manual withdrawal of funds costs 0.16 BTK, in this case, the user can ‘cash out’ his mining income at any time. A contract with a weekly payment costs 0.14 BTK, and with a monthly payment it costs 0.11 BTK.

There is a convenient calculator that preliminary shows customers the purchase price of a resource for a given hash power. The minimum portion of the hash resource available for purchase is 1 GHz / s. Terabox can also sell or give customers additional resource packages in the amount of 15/100/250/500 GHz / s.


Based on the above information about the company, we can now answer the question posed at the beginning of the talk about how Terabox attracts its customers. First of all, these are low (and flexible) tariffs, as well as numerous amenities thanks to which the client never feels cheated. As practice shows, even excessive secrecy can be forgiven for this.

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