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In this article, we will conduct a review and give feedback on the top Tender Expert project (official site). This is a new average percentage from experienced creators, the official launch of which took place on November 29, 2019 in a quiet mode. The project is very interesting and makes it possible to invest through a variety of payment systems in various currencies (dollar, ruble, hryvnia), including directly through bank cards. The platform has a perpetual investment rate, where the body of the deposit is included in payments, and the yield is 2-4% per day and depends on the size of the contribution. The project has been working for a month and a half, but so far it is moving very calmly and quietly.

Note! Within a short period of time a special increased bonus of 5% of the deposit is provided! Example: with a deposit of 200 USD you will receive a bonus from the blog 10 USD in addition to high profits in the project! In addition, for this project, from the start we allocate $ 500 to the loss protection fund to increase the security of our team’s investments. How loss protection and deposit bonus work is described here..

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Tender expert Project Launch Date Online – 11.29.2019


This project is immediately placed in the "Leaders" section for a great future! “Leaders” is the section where investment tools are located that have already proven their worth by high results and continue to develop, or strong projects from reputable creators who have high chances of success.

The main characteristics of the project:

➕Type of the project – mid-term, lifetime
➕Minimum deposit – from 3 USD (200 RUB)
➕ Profitability – 2-4% per day forever
➕ Deposit term – indefinitely
➕Deposit – included in accruals
➕ Payments – instant (time limit up to 24 hours).
➕Minimum withdrawal – 0.4 USD (25 RUB).
➕ There are no project commissions.
➕ Accepted payment systems – Payeer, Perfect Money, Advcash, Bitcoin Ethereum (USD); Yandex Money, bank cards Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / Mir, Advcash, QIWI, Payeer, Sberbank, Alfa Bank, cash replenishment, bank transfer (RUB). Customers from Ukraine can pay with bank cards in hryvnias. The deposit will open in rubles at the Central Bank rate, withdrawal from the ruble account back to the Ukrainian card will be carried out in hryvnias.
➕Russian version of the site – present.
➕Unique design, licensed H-script, excellent technical training, official registration of the company in England.

We meet a new mid-term indefinite term with many integrated payment systems, which provides for daily lifelong payments. There is already information about what kind of team manages the project, so we have a starting reserve in the form of the existing high reputation of the creators. According to legend, Tender Expert Ltd specializes in participating in European tenders. Years of experience of the team, which participated in hundreds of tenders for a huge number of companies, allows us to select the most winning variations from the total set. Participation in tenders, both commercial and state, is a highly effective method of brand promotion.

As you can see, the legend of the project is quite original, as well as marketing with adaptive interest on an unlimited basis. The technical preparation of the project was excellent and meets all the criteria: a licensed script from H-script, unique design, original content, standard and intuitive Russian-language interface, SSL from CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 until October 9, 2020, domain name registrator NameCheap for 1 year, CloudFlare hosting, company registration number 09741337. What is important, for working with the project we can use almost any payment method, even a bank card in RUB or UAH, which allows us not even to use any payment systems and is no longer necessary st swapping back and forth through the means of the exchangers.


The company’s administration provided a very interesting marketing for their project. Not only does it have an infinite investment period without the ability to withdraw the deposit body, the daily percentage also increases adaptively with the slightest increase in the deposit in the range from 2% to 4%. The exact amount of daily charges can be easily calculated using the calculator on the main page of the platform.

More about tariffs:

  • Tariff "Tender Expert"
    Deposit: from 3 $
    Charges: 2-4% daily:
    🔹 3-500 $ (200-32 000 rubles) – 2% per day
    🔹 501-2500 $ (32 001-160 000 rubles) – 2.5% per day
    🔹 2501-5000 $ (160 001-320 000 rubles) – 3% per day
    🔹 5001-10000 $ (320 001-640 000 rubles) – 3.5% per day
    🔹 More than $ 10,000 (more than 640,000 rubles) – 4% per day
    Refund of deposit: included in accruals
    Deposit term: lifetime

affiliate program

The project provides for a linear type of referral program up to four levels in depth: 5% – 3% – 2% – 1%. Partners who will receive the status of a representative will have a referral up to 5 levels and bonuses: 7% – 5% – 3% – 2% – 1%.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds:

  • Perfect money
  • Payeer USD / RUB
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Advcash
  • Yandex money
  • Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / WORLD – RUB / UAH
  • QIWI
  • Sberbank
  • Alfa Bank
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash replenishment

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.4 or 25 rubles, except for Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / MIR – the withdrawal amount is from 500 rubles, Advcash from 1.2 dollars or 25 rubles. The maximum transaction amount for Yandex.Money, Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / MIR and QIWI payment systems is RUB 14,500, Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money – $ 1,000 per transaction. You can make as many transactions as you want;
The minimum deposit is 3 USD (200 RUB).

Investors from Ukraine can pay with bank cards in hryvnias. The deposit will be converted into ruble at the Central Bank rate, and upon withdrawal.

Payments are processed instantly, the schedule is up to 24 hours.

For the convenience of buying / selling electronic currency, there are many exchangers.

Feedback on the Tender Expert project:

The Tender Expert project has been successfully operating for a month and a half, but at the same time it is still little recognized in the niche of highly profitable investment projects. Such a quiet mode definitely plays a plus in the duration of the project. The project is very interesting and promising, we recommend adding it to your investment portfolio. In addition, the platform is under the insurance of our blog, which at times increases its attractiveness. This means that in case of unforeseen circumstances, we will indemnify your losses! Pay attention to the high bonus from our blog, with which the profit becomes higher, and the exit to breakeven is closer!

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Our deposit is $ 500:

Our invitation id: Millioninvestor


After registration, contact Telegram @millioninvestor or skype skypeandrew_investor – add you to an important channel where the first news appears. Also in personal correspondence with us you can ask any questions and consult.

In addition, there is the possibility of selecting an individual investment portfolio for you. It is possible for our partners. If you want to become our partner, register in one of the projects that are presented in the menu on the right and provide us with information after registering about yourself (login or email) or contact us personally using the contact details in this article, and we will help you do everything . Remember to clear the cache in your browser before registering with any of the projects.

ONLINE consultation

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