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It turns out that not everyone knows, but our blog has a Telegram channel. Therefore, we would like to inform you about this with the help of this news and recommend to those who have not yet done so to subscribe to us.

The benefits of subscribing to our Telegram channel are obvious. Here are the most basic ones:

  • Convenience. This is certainly the number one among all the benefits. Telegram is always with you, because it is available for all mobile platforms. So, you can always find out about the latest news on the blog, even if you are at work, on the road, on vacation or somewhere else. You do not need to go to the site every time and look for what's new there.
  • Time. When we add to the blog any news from the world of high-yield investments, or articles and news, we immediately inform about it on the channel. Therefore, you will always promptly receive the latest information and will be in the know. This is especially important when problems start in projects or they go to scam. You must admit, many had such a situation, which can be described with one phrase: “to put under scam, this is sacred.” So, to avoid this, it is always important to keep abreast.
  • The channel may publish important information that will not be presented on the blog. For example, the blog does not work, which means that we will notify everyone via Telegram that technical work is underway. Or recall that there is a competition. Or ask winners' wallets for a bonus. By the way, the last example is very revealing. Last month we had 3 winners in the comment contest, and only one responded. The other two did not react at all, which means that their bonuses are postponed to this month. So because of ignorance, you can miss something. It's a shame.
  • Contests and sweepstakes. Our ongoing contest of comments is already underway, where one of the conditions is compulsory subscription to the channel. In the future, other contests and distribution of bonuses are planned, but this can only be found in Telegram. Do not miss your chance to become one of the winners.

Therefore, once again we ask everyone who has not subscribed to our channel in Telegram to do this.


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