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Teasernet Ad Network

This teaser network is both praised and scolded. It always happens with big players. Let’s see what Tizernet is from the point of view of the webmaster and advertiser, and why this advertising channel is today considered the leader in its segment.

Teasernet has existed since 2008, and since then many new ad formats have appeared here. You can monetize or buy both desktop and mobile traffic. The advertiser gets the opportunity to set flexible targeting and draw up black / white sheets, and the webmaster – to choose the formats and themes of advertising that will be displayed on his Internet projects.

In the spring of 2018, the teaser network joined the IAB Russia association, which already includes the largest runet players – Yandex, Google, Avito, Admitad and others. This means that Teasernet ads are of high standard.

Advertisers receive quality traffic in the amount of about 3 billion impressions per day (according to information from the site), and webmasters receive relevant ads that intersect with the needs of the target audience and have a good CTR. In the reviews, site owners noted that Yandex does not impose sanctions on sites for installed advertising blocks, which often happens when installing blocks from other teaser networks.

Teasernet for webmasters

The ad network pays in two ways – for every 1000 impressions or for every click. The owner of the site himself chooses which one is more profitable to work with.

On the calculator, you can calculate the approximate income depending on daily attendance, the subject area, the selected advertising format.

Of course, this indicator can deviate significantly up or down. A significant role is played by the quality of the site, the location of the blocks, and behavioral factors. Only tests show the real picture of monetization.
By the way, mobile banners and full-screen format for smartphones have the highest income results.

Site Requirements

  • From 50 unique people per day from search engines.
  • The site is hosted on a paid hosting.
  • Over 50% of ru traffic.
  • An attendance counter is installed, and the webmaster is ready to provide access to it
  • No traffic from active advertising systems, auto-clicks. Artificial wrapping of attendance is prohibited.
  • You can’t urge visitors to click on advertising or artificially draw attention to it, mislead.
  • Only sites that do not violate copyrights and applicable laws that do not contain malicious code are accepted.

Frequency and terms of payments in TeaserNet

Payments are accrued weekly, every Thursday for the last week, from Monday to Sunday.

Conclusion is possible on:

  • WMR-purses, mobile phone bill – from 15 p .;
  • EPayments – from $ 10.

You need to go through a simple registration as a webmaster and, in the ‘Platforms’ section of your personal account, add the site on which you plan to place the blocks.

List of settings that must be made before sending the site for moderation:

  • Indicate the name and address;
  • Aliases (mirrors);
  • Payment models – CPM, CPC;
  • Topics that you don’t want to show on the site (e.g. gambling ads or adult ads);
  • Prohibited sites (if you have a list of specific sites that you do not want to advertise);
  • Access to attendance statistics (they must be provided to the moderator to check traffic);
  • Ad formats (you can turn off banners with sound, ads with an erotic orientation, showing SMS campaigns, etc.).

The site is moderated for about a day, after which you can insert ad units and make a profit.

 Ad Formats

  • Teaser blocks;
  • Advertising in a video player;
  • Banners – 300 × 250, 320 × 240 with and without sound;
  • Clicker;
  • Mobile formats – wap, block at the bottom of the screen or in full screen.


So, Teasernet is a pretty high-quality network with various advertising formats. Both ad platforms and ads are moderated here, which gives both parties (the advertiser and the webmaster) a guarantee of fruitful cooperation. The ability to flexibly configure time, geographic and mobile targeting allows you to receive or monetize targeted traffic.

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