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Switcheo Network reviews and reviews of the official site

Switcheo is a decentralized exchange where users can trade NEP-5 tokens.

The core of the Switcheo network is the Switcheo Exchange switch. The goal is to create an exchange in which users can safely trade all NEP-5 tokens while maintaining control of their tokens. At the same time, the exchange wants to implement some of the functions of centralized exchanges, allowing you to take advantage of the hybrid infrastructure.

Initially, Switcheo will focus on NEP-5 tokens. These tokens are the equivalent of the NEO markers of the ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain. However, by the end of 2018, Switcheo also seeks to allow decentralized trading of the ERC20 and QRC20 tokens.

A bit of history

AntShares, the world’s first open source blockchain project, was created in China in 2015. Two years later, rebranding was conducted and a cryptocurrency called NEO blew up the TOP-10 of the best-selling virtual coins, being almost instantly in the honorable 8th place. The NEO blockchain uses technology of the intellectual contract system NeoContract, which is qualitatively different from its predecessors, and in the understanding of the traditional network does not even have its own internal currency.

The latest innovation of the NEO blockchain project was the launch of the decentralized exchange DEXSwitcheo, which is projected to become the most interesting and convenient alternative to traditional crypto exchanges. Such an optimistic forecast is based on the increased security and reliability of Switcheo: if on the usual trading floors Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Ripplee can be stolen by hacking the central server, then even the most professional attack on DEX will not bring any profit for hackers, since each wallet will have to be hacked separately.


Switcheo is a decentralized exchange whose goal is to trade all NEP-5 tokens.

The platform will offer hybrid trading on its exchange. Users will be able to complete the trade, while maintaining full control over their tokens. However, users will also receive centralized trade management, so the exchange seeks to provide the benefits of decentralized exchange and centralized exchange in one.

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