StoreHash – purchase shares in cloud mining with income

() – Cloud Mining

StoreHash – is positioned as a platform for buying shares of mining equipment. Each share in the project works indefinitely and gives: 0.16 – 0.375% daily. Mining profitability depends on the complexity of the coins mined and their value.

 Please note that tariffs are periodically changed, old ones disappear, new ones are added – look on the site.

The minimum stake on AntMiner S9 equipment costs $ 8.
The selection of the most profitable mining coin is automated.
Accrual of income in the same currency in which you pay shares of mining equipment.

In addition, you can convert fiat currency to BTC, LTC and DOGE (the function is available once every 2 days, exchange at the current rate).

StoreHash profitability calculator will help you calculate profit on the site. When withdrawing, small commissions apply, which can be viewed on the ‘Commissions’ page.


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