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Stellar Fund Information

Stellar Fund is an interesting low-interest investment project with three tariff plans for a period of work from 3 to 12 months and a yield of 0.2% to 0.6% daily. The company itself has been operating for a long time (the date – 2016 is indicated on the site), but it began to attract investors relatively recently – tentatively, November 2018.

The official website of the Stellar Fund looks very simple and pleasant, but you can find it at – On the main page you can find links not only to social networks, but also to the company’s own blog, it is run on the rather popular platform Statistics on deposits and payments of the Stellar Fund are presented in the form of a graph, which is very unusual, but it looks interesting.

Another feature of the Stellar Fund, on the site there is a brief information regarding the company’s employees. And it seems that this is practiced in most invest. Projects, but the Stellar Fund went further and, if you hover over the employee’s photo, you can go to his personal profile on Linkedin. In addition, the site has a “Road Map” which briefly describes the company’s initial path and what it should strive for.

And that’s not all, if you liked the project or you are looking for work, Stellar Fund offers to become part of the team and implement ideas with like-minded people. At the moment, 4 vacancies are available. You can see the list of requirements and responsibilities on the official website. Overall, was pleasantly impressed with the content.

As mentioned earlier in the recall, the Stellar Fund was founded in 2016, the company is a self-learning investment project built on the basis of artificial intelligence, being in constant training in working with finances, investments, preserving and increasing capital, and choosing the best tools for the investment portfolio . At the Stellar Fund, using the symbiosis of human experience and the unlimited possibilities of self-learning Artificial Intelligence.

The main objective of the Stellar Fund is to combine human experience and high-tech Artificial Intelligence, creating a unique system of work and analysis of the promising market of digital assets, providing developers and customers of the company with a reliable tool for managing financial assets. A more detailed description of the activities of the Stellar Fund can be found on the website, and we suggest moving on to the investment proposal of the project.

Marketing plan

Stellar Fund offers 3 investment plans, all of them are divided into time periods: short-term, medium-term and long-term. Each of them offers to receive a certain percentage of profit and in each plan different terms of work are registered:


  • Profitability: 0.2% per day
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Deposit amount: from € 100
  • Net profit: 18%

Medium term

  • Profitability: 0.4% per day
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Deposit amount: from € 100
  • Net profit: 72%

Long term

  • Profitability: 0.6% per day
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Deposit amount: from € 100
  • Net profit: 216%

All three Stellar Fund tariff plans assume a deposit return at the end of the term, early withdrawal of the deposit is possible, in which the investor does not receive profit for the entire term of his deposit, and the commission for the service will be 10%. In our opinion, the “Short-term” tariff is the most optimal investment plan among all those presented in the Stellar Fund. It allows you to receive 0.2% per day for As a result, the investor will receive 18% of net profit in three months. 3

Payments to the Stellar Fund are manual. Despite the fact that interest accruals in the project are daily, you can order the first withdrawal only after 10 days, and all subsequent payments are made on the last day of the month. Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 1. Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bank transfer. Affiliate program: multi-level, it offers to receive 20% of the amount of deposits of the partners you have attracted and additional interest on the amount of their income (profit at the interest rate).

Stellar Fund reviews and project development prospects

Stellar Fund looks interesting and gives the impression of a well-prepared platform. But the project is not without flaws. Judging by the reviews about the Stellar Fund on the forum, not everyone was impressed with investing at least 100 euros and getting 0.2% every day. And an affiliate program of 20% creates a big load. But in general, if an experienced administration is behind the project, this will not be a big problem. Whether or not to invest in the Stellar Fund, everyone decides for himself,

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